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I was not insulting or rude to anyone. I wasn’t attacking anybody in any way, some people took offense subjectively while others didn’t. And of course I didn’t say anywhere that your replies to me are violating my free speech. I’m not that stupid.

I did something the moderators don’t want, and I changed my post accordingly. And I’m certainly not going to apologize to anyone for something like implying that there’s a link between the phrase allahu akbar and terrorism. If you have problems with that, you have problems with reality, not with me. Don’t shoot the messenger.

Yeah, you felt that, while others didn’t, and that’s the problem. Where’s the line? Who’s going to decide that? What if it’s someone that doesn’t agree with your opinions and finds them offensive? That’s what I want people to think about when it comes to issues like this. Of course, in this case, the line is wherever the moderators draw it, and I respect that, but not as a general rule to live by.

I wanted to know why you felt these things were offensive.

There are plenty who stay out of these conversations who are negatively impacted. I also think others did find your phrasing offensive. You just neglected to read the sentiment they expressed.
I’ve already given you the reasons they are offensive, I can’t comprehend them for you, nor can I help you learn how to read all over again.

I’m over the conversation.

I was talking about a hypothetical terrorist hero that blew himself up.

I don’t understand what you’re trying to do here. It’s perfectly clear that many, many terrorists who blow themselves up shout allahu akbar. That’s all I was referencing, nothing more than that.

If pedophiles were always shouting a particular bible verse before raping a child, then that verse would be associated with pedophilia. It wouldn’t be offensive let alone wrong to imply that pedophiles often say that phrase.

Allahu akhbar translates as “God is great” and is a sacred phrase to all those who follow Islam. Using that term with a terrorist character implies that all Muslims are terrorists or sympathizers. Rude, insulting, and in poor taste.

Using a caricature of Trump or Jesus Christ as a character is likewise insulting and rude to conservatives and Christians and in poor taste.

Mocking someone for their beliefs, regardless of what those beliefs are, is rude, insulting, and in terrible taste. I’d like to think your parents taught you better.

Doubling down on it when you’ve been called out is just immature, and the hallmark of a keyboard warrior.

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No, it doesn’t. Not at all. I didn’t say or even imply that. You made that up, plain and simple, because of your expectations.

You may think that, and the moderators have the right to remove it, but don’t think for a second that that’s a good argument for why this sort of thing generally shouldn’t exist.

I didn’t mock any person at all. Once more, that’s what happened in your imagination because of your expectations and pre-existing biases.

Very easy to “win” an argument like this. I can’t win no matter what I say. You’re not looking for the truth, you’re trying to confirm your beliefs.

Oooh, I’ll play.

Dead Horse character. Skill is Get Kicked, and both sides lose.


Thank you, I’ve read that. And it can be interpreted a million different ways. What’s offensive to one person isn’t offensive to another. I’m willing to act in accordance with what the moderators tell me to do.

Well then, read it again.

There’s no open interpretation with the rules. Stop pushing your politic agendas in a game forum, please.


I’m done. I have no further interest in interacting with you. I don’t have the time, patience, blood alcohol level, or crayons to keep explaining to you why you’re in the wrong here.



I want to watch more of your responses to people you are annoyed at.


Are you being intentionally obtuse?

You are associating a blessing used by a billion Muslims with a satirical terrorist “hero” on the strength of the fact that some terrorists say it too.

I’m pointing out that you have the direction of causation backward, and that your reversal of effect and cause is a weak justification for saying something calculated to offend peaceful religious muslims

You act as if your choice of what to joke about and what jokes to make says nothing about you. As though the appeal to the presence of a fact in your joke means you are now immune to complaint or scrutiny.

Why did you choose to make that particular joke, and not another? There are a thousand “crazy hero” ideas that are not associated with religion.

Be offensive if it makes you happy. But don’t pretend that you weren’t trying to be offensive just because there is an incidental “fact” you slipped in.


Can we re-title the thread as “Well known terrorist facts”?

That way we can just post the facts that we all know and love. No arguments.


What would be your defense team? :innocent:


Of course there is. It isn’t easy to say where the line is for “pushing your political agendas”. The moderators have spoken, I’ve listened. No need to act as if I hadn’t understood the rules.

At some point this thread gets airlocked right?

At the point where people stop being able to talk civily.


Moderator’s Note
This thread is getting heated. Please keep it civil. We can disagree strongly and still stay withing the bounds of forum-appropriate discourse.


Does it count as a tournament if he’s the only participant in it? :innocent:

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