Craziest/most stupid hero/special ideas

I thought it would be hilarious to try and come up with the most crazy, stupid, unhelpful, useless, funny heroes and skills and maybe battle items you can imagine. I’ll start.

So imagine for instance a suicide bomber hero that has super slow mana and then when he goes off has a 1 % chance to kill all enemies and a 99 % chance to kill all allies. Would you use him?

Or imagine Nyan Cat. It cannot attack but is really really sturdy, and if its special goes off (super super fast) it changes the battle music to the Nyan Cat Theme. That should be just as bad as being attacked.

Or how about an alternative medicine believer who has the innate ability to resist healing?

Another crazy/stupid idea I had: Imagine if there were a fusion chamber in the game where you can fuse two heroes together to make a new one. If you’re lucky, you’ll get an amazing new superhero, if you’re out of luck, you’ll get a useless idiot.

So for example if you fuse Rigard and Melendor, you could get the fantastic Rigdor, who heals all allies by 84 % and dispels all negative effect from allies and all buffs from enemies, or the pathetic Melengard, who either heals all enemies by 84 % or does 84 % damage to all allies while removing all buffs from allies and all negative effects from enemies.

Fuse Wu Kong and Ranvir and you’ll either get the devastating Wuvir who gives you a 72 % chance to attack with +380 % damage, or the dorky Ran Kong, who gives you a 0 % chance to hit the target while dealing 265 % damage to himself.

And now imagine a raid tournament where only the idiots are allowed. I’d probably die laughing. Alright, it’s time for your ideas!


Don’t you think that there is someone who will get offended by your post?
Do you even know what Allohuakbar means?

Why suddenly becoming xenophobic / islamophobic?

Suggest to edit or remove the post.


Humor will almost always offend somebody somewhere in some way. And if it does, they can ignore the post. It is really, really concering if people try to hide posts from everyone else just because they subjectively feel offended. I have not attacked anybody in any way. I have simply used a phrase that terrorists use.

Yes, I’m fully aware of what it means. It is a well-known fact that terrorists use that phrase, so it is only logical and perfectly legitimate to cite it in the context of mentioning terrorism.

Xenophobia is an irrational fear of foreigners. Nowhere in my post is there evidence of me being xenophobic.
Islamophobia is the irrational fear of islam. Nowhere in my post is there evidence of me being islamophobic.


I’ll edit the post so it can stay. But my goodness me, you people are unbelieveable. Our understanding of free speech must change dramatically.


This is a private forum, not a public venue. No government is overseeing your statements, censoring them, or threatening you with consequences for having said them. So the “free speech” discussion is not really apt.

We aren’t hiding the post. But I’d encourage you to consider the question of whether what you are saying is a good, wise or venue-appropriate thing to say, rather than whether you can get away with saying it.

Put another way: I think Jimmy Carr and Frankie Boyle are hilarious, but I don’t quote them at Thanksgiving dinner or when talking with casual acquaintances :slight_smile:



fixed that for you.

You are welcome.

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I’m not saying you have to have free speech in your forum, I just think free speech is incredibly important. You don’t have to have it in here if you don’t want the backlash.

Still, I really need to clarify this: I cited what terrorists often say, it is common knowledge that they often say that. In fact, there are close to zero terrorists blowing themselves up that don’t say that. You can’t scold people for mentioning this link just because you don’t like it. It’s like critizing me because I associated nazism with Germany. If people said that was offensive to germans and racist and whatnot, because not ALL nazis were germans yadayada, nobody would listen to them.

If you really think that briefly mentioning that terrorists often say allahu akbar in a forum is the same as telling a Jimmy Carr joke at a thanksgiving dinner, then that’s a problem. But I know it’s easier for people in charge of forums like this to side with the offended mob. As I said, it’s your forum, have it your way.

I removed the corpus delicti and I’ll try to be more cautious in the future, but not because that’s the right thing to do in general, but for the sake of peace in this forum, because I respect the rules you put in place. I really want to stress this. Censoring facts because some people don’t want to hear them is unspeakably dangerous, but in a forum like this, I’m not going to throw a tantrum so I can write whatever I want. If this were facebook or something, that’d be a different story.

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Of course my free speech has been violated, but not in an illegal way. The owners of this forum have the right to regulate speech on their platform as they see fit. What I was critizing is the fact that people think it is generally acceptable to remove facts they don’t like so nobody else can see them. The owners of a platform are allowed to do that within their platform, but I don’t think it’s a good thing.

How about offering arguments instead of unsubstantiated claims.

Something that is more important is harmony among members of a global community with a variety of beliefs.

I can’t say that I have much patience for people who disregard the climate, even for something that is purported as a joke.

Clearly, it is so commonplace in your mind and thought pattern that you don’t even understand how racist the commentary was, or how painful the association might be from others who share the same cultural roots of the extremists you look to ‘poke fun’ at.

It’s not just the ‘extremist’ items, but the other religious and political references.

I never expected to be a social justice warrior on any level, but blatant disrespect and racially insensitive remarks are intolerable and I refuse to be one of those that just lets them pass without stating this.

Your intent was to bring levity, and I get that. That’s cool, we all try that from time to time (I fail more than most).

This whole post, however, is a melting pot of wrong.

Did I argue that well enough?


Mostly it’s just that it’s not super on topic for this particular Forum.

You’re doing a comedy bit that’s vaguely playing off of E&P, but is mostly not related to the game. You’re satirizing aspects of society.

That’s completely reasonable, and could be well-received in the right venue — the question is just whether it’s well-received here.

The volunteer moderators and the Staff chose to leave your post alone. And I personally appreciated your efforts to edit it a bit from the original version.

How people react from here on out is Free Speech in action.

You’ve spoken, they’ve listened, they may or may not like it.


If harmony is more important to the moderators, then that’s their prerogative. I perfectly understand that in a forum like this. I was just pointing out that as a general rule, making feelings more important than facts and letting people decide what everyone does and doesn’t get to say on the basis of subjective offense is questionable. That doesn’t mean the’yre not allowed to do that in their forum. I just couldn’t let that pass without a comment, because the topic is way too important.

I’m not disregarding the climate. I 'm not saying I want to be able to say whatever I want in here no matter what the cost. I’m just saying: Be aware of what you’re doing and how you’re justifying it.

Ok, would you mind explaining to me how exactly anything I said was racist? Where did I falsely attribute something to someone just on the basis of their biological race?

You didn’t argue at all, you once more only offered claims without offering reasons for your judgements.

The owners of the platform haven’t said anything. Other members of the community have. You tried to make a joke, but it fell flat. You managed instead to be insulting and rude to 4 different groups of people in one post, and we are telling you how rude and insulting you were. That’s not a violation of free speech, that’s the community telling you that you screwed up. Have the grace to acknowledge it.


Of course it’s directly related to the game. You may be able to recognize some of my opinions in there, yes. And because some people don’t like those opinions, I shouldn’t mention them. That’s what you’re saying. And you have every right to keep opinions out of your platform. I’m just saying: Be aware of what you’re doing and why you’re doing it. Think about whether it’s generally a good idea to censor people mentioning facts because some other people don’t want to hear them.

I didn’t even begin to imply anywhere that replies to my post were inhibiting my free speech. I’ve been studying the subject of free speech in depth for some time now and I’m fighting for it wherever I can.

First, that’s very narrow. Blowing themselves up is a narrow slice of terrorism. There have been many, many terrorists who haven’t said that over the years. Anders Breivik and Timothy McVeigh are two easy-to-cite examples.

You seem to be very confused about the direction of association. What you mean to say is terrorists who are also Muslims say that. But they say that because it’s a Muslim benediction, not because it has any association with terrorism. A small group of violent radicals has adopted a phrase that is used peacefully by a billion people.

Your position would be similar to someone associating bible verses with pedophilia because a small group of pedophiles have exploited the opportunities present in organized christianity to practice their acts.


I felt your satirical mentions of religious and political tropes were offensive.

My reason was very simple. I have no patience for it and chose to act on it by posting. That’s a reason, whether you like it or not.

People spread hate through the guise of comic relief.
Every thing, every day, every life is comprised of tiny building blocks. It is up to the rest of us to determine what these building blocks are comprised of… hateful, insensitive, racist or bigoted microaggressions under the guise of comedy? That will affect others negatively. I cannot and will not try to change how you are constructed, but I do not have to sit idly by, either.

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I was not insulting or rude to anyone. I wasn’t attacking anybody in any way, some people took offense subjectively while others didn’t. And of course I didn’t say anywhere that your replies to me are violating my free speech. I’m not that stupid.

I did something the moderators don’t want, and I changed my post accordingly. And I’m certainly not going to apologize to anyone for something like implying that there’s a link between the phrase allahu akbar and terrorism. If you have problems with that, you have problems with reality, not with me. Don’t shoot the messenger.

Yeah, you felt that, while others didn’t, and that’s the problem. Where’s the line? Who’s going to decide that? What if it’s someone that doesn’t agree with your opinions and finds them offensive? That’s what I want people to think about when it comes to issues like this. Of course, in this case, the line is wherever the moderators draw it, and I respect that, but not as a general rule to live by.

I wanted to know why you felt these things were offensive.

There are plenty who stay out of these conversations who are negatively impacted. I also think others did find your phrasing offensive. You just neglected to read the sentiment they expressed.
I’ve already given you the reasons they are offensive, I can’t comprehend them for you, nor can I help you learn how to read all over again.

I’m over the conversation.

I was talking about a hypothetical terrorist hero that blew himself up.

I don’t understand what you’re trying to do here. It’s perfectly clear that many, many terrorists who blow themselves up shout allahu akbar. That’s all I was referencing, nothing more than that.

If pedophiles were always shouting a particular bible verse before raping a child, then that verse would be associated with pedophilia. It wouldn’t be offensive let alone wrong to imply that pedophiles often say that phrase.

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