Crashing on stages and raids

All stages cause game to crash out to connection problem, also raids have been able to fight titan and do stages using loot tickets everything thing else is working and it is latest version. Have tried uninstalling still the same

I was thrown out of a 12-WE trial stage on Wednesday. The message said something like “Sorry, server overload, try again later LOL”. I immediately reported it using the Support feature but haven’t heard back yet. I’ve had a few crashes since - one was a raid tournament attack, which annoyed me even more than the expensive trial crash.

With all the money people spend on this game, you’d think SGG would be able to afford sufficiently powerful servers.

Typical cant play game but can get gems and do a 10 pull this is getting very frustrating SG, also can hit Titan HELP!!

Similar experience with game freezing during raids. It’s definitely not my phone or wifi. Everything else works perfectly fine on my phone.
In this game I have three maxed Alfrike’s on my raiding team, if I fire them at the same time, the game occasionally freezes, eventually goes to black screen, then will only open game in continuous black screen until I go into apps and shut down game actions and reload the game.
I captured screen shots of the most recent freeze up that just happened. I had the opponents team killed and instead it froze and when I restart the game I have another raid loss instead.
Pretty lame…

Is there really a “LOL” on the in-game prompt? Wow !! I wish I could see that :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Nah, that was just hyperbole on my part.

The story has a happy end, though: SGG got back to my report and based on my information, confirmed that they did indeed suffer a server overload at the exact time my battle crashed. They gave me a WE flask.

Fair dinkum!.


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