Crashing (increased) chat spinning and mystic vision playing but no rewards

Hi… :pensive::panda_face:

Only come here again because I read in chats it’s happening to others… (it’s not just me) … if I wouldn’t known it was others I wouldn’t come anymore but telling support is wearing us down…

Game is crashing (MORE often) since most recent “bug fix” update…

Chat spinning cannot chat in alliance have to reload game many times to get it to work.

Also the mystic vision… watch video on strip poker … then no reward.

Reload game … watch video on strip poker…

Reload game … watch video on g stone legends (really?!?)

Reload game … watch video on other match game oh finally my reward.

Since when did watching ads become a part of the game trying to get the game to work a “challenge quest”

Hope this helps someone somehow. Yes iPhone 6 yes it’s ios 12 … ok my phones not new … but as I said this is the only app that crashes it started with s4 this new update has increased the crashing.

I’m sorry you’re still experiencing issues @Pandita. :disappointed_relieved:


Thank you again you are so sweet!!! Honestly if it was just me I would hush… but lurking the chats I see it’s not just me … thank you for being you :heart::heart::heart::hugs::panda_face: also I can’t thank people for the battle items :rage: alliance chat won’t load :roll_eyes:


I was experiencing chat issues earlier today. I force quit and restarted and everything has been fine since.

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Thank you for being you too @Pandita!! :heart::heart::heart:

I hope at least alliance chat resolves itself soon. I’m thinking you could have a secret Line account for your alliance only? :smiling_imp:

Years ago (:sweat_smile:) I didn’t like the idea of another communication app on my phone. However, once I saw how useful it can be, I probably wouldn’t choose a competitive alliance without a Line requirement.

I know it’s not for everyone. I just prefer that option to communicate outside the game. Plus Line stickers! :rofl:


Did the problem resolve? What did you do?


Lost 3 ninja flags still crashing. And 65% of the time if I open s4 it crashes.

Hoping version 40 helps. Thanks for checking in. :heart::heart:

Mystic vision and chat are ok tho now


We use Discord, but coordinate in alliance chat during war. It helps that we have an actual strategy and so we are usually online together when the fun starts. :slightly_smiling_face:

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