Crashing in 61.0.2

The crashings continue in V62.


Mine is android 13, so not ancient

Edit: seems a rinse & repeat was needed to fix
The game is impossible to play this way, let alone enjoy. Maybe this is my sign.


From almost 3 years ago:

I half wonder if the providing platforms are insulted by the company store attempting to cut them out of their portion.

If the IT department isn’t getting raises with every update, with all the sardines that they have to pack. Then… can’t say I’m surprised

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Same here. My game froze using each of my 3 flags in war.
After the first freeze i rebooted my phone.
After the second I uninstalled the game and reinstalled it.
Afer those three freezes I used 2 global raids without issues.
Then I used a third raid flag in the league and…yep, you guessed, froze again!
I’m using v62, phone updated, with stable Wi-Fi, and never had anything like that before this new update.

I play on my pc android emulator since this bug showed up
0 freezing…0 flags wasted

Same here, freezes since version 61.
Very annoying.
It happened in world battles and also in titan battle.
Samsung S20 Ultra 5G.
Never got any freeze before.

Few alliance players reported they got booted from the game during war battles and that resulted 0.
Idk whats going on but defo needs checking.

My game started crashing right after the update. I can play a raid or a level, but when I go to do the second raid it lags and then freezes completely mid battle. I think giving us the option to turn animations off might help resolve the issue. It seems they may be overloading the game’s processing.


I don’t experience crashes, but the game started to be less responsive, especially when reloading after some time. The screen freezes for several seconds. I have different issues after the update as well, namely problems with writing on the chat - sometimes when I tap the reply bar, it weirdly hides under OS buttons. Also, heroes avatars in cards often display after a second or so. Overall it’s playable but less smooth.

EDIT: Galaxy Note 10, Android 12, UI 4.1.


I have had freezing and crashing too. I have been using a Vastking tablet but have also tried on my Chromebook, Samsung Galxy A21S phone and a new Moto E13 phone. I have had a number of 0 ‘attacks’ on titans plus in this war had 3 flags go for 0 because it just froze on me. I hve tried clearing the cahe and reinstalling on all devices. Nothing seems to work. This is not acceptable.

I’m having exactly these symptoms including the first glitch still since v61.

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i can’t play either so most likely i’ll be booted from the alliance i’m in lol i wonder if they will fix the issue i hope soon…

Okay, now I have crashes. Quite predictable, mainly in Goblin Village. Roughly one crash (or rather freeze) every two stages.

62.0.3 build 2111 and still freezing A LOT since a month or so ! Incredible.

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Issue persists, last time happened yesterday when selecting a team for a war attack. I was lucky not to freeze during the attack. Is there any hope that this gets addressed?

Which version - 62.0.4 has been released, is it available to you yet?

Getting freezes still too. Love those zero titan hits. I’m on version 62.0.3 but don’t have .4 available in the store

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I’ve given up trying, but I had updated to the latest one and it had crashed. Basically, I’m not even bothering with using my tablet anymore. I could try that beta version that they said fixes the problem, but I’m not going to bother with that.

62.0.4 Samsung S10. Crashed again today. Have seen no improvements with the latest version.