Crashing in 61.0.2

I have been using the latest build (I think 61.0.2), and it has been crashing all the time on my tablet. I don’t notice anything on my phone yet, but is it possible that on older tablets/phones, it will crash? I do nothing out of the ordinary and it’ll just freeze. The first time was in the middle of a raid and Guilli fired with the game crashing in the middle of the animation. The second and third times were just browsing around the base within a minute of starting up the game. It had never done this before.

Do any others find this experience as well?

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That’s not good :crying_cat_face: .

You may get more responses if you state which make and model of tablet you are using and which version of OS it is running.

Have you tried clearing data & cache ?

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I do have the same freeze problems since updating to v. 61.0.2. Only that i don’t get them mid fights, at least not yet. They seem to appear the moment i am switching from different app windows to the game window, e.g. from forum window to game window and i need like 15 secs, sometimes more. My in game screen is frozen, can’t move, recharging time on flags is frozen too, everything is frozen for this period.

I mean it’s an older Samsung Tab E tablet running Android 7.1.1. And yes, I’ve tried clearing everything which is my usual goto method when things go wrong, but didn’t help.

Android 7 (Marshmallow? Nougat?) :scream: I’m impressed it runs at all - that version hasn’t been supported for years.

I have similar issue with my weaker Android tablet.
Try turn off “Digital wellbeing”, it was the cause of crashing on my device.

Is that an app, because I have no idea what that is.

Up until now it’s been usable. performance started to go downhill a year ago, but after I did a clean reset, it’s been fine.

Yes, system app, which use so much data that slows and crashes :slight_smile:

Edit: Oh, I see it’s from Android 10, so not’s your case :frowning: But I’ll leave it, maybe helps someone else.

Ah, but that’s for Android 10+ which is much newer than my Android 7.

Back in the day Google gave each version of Android a name.

My first Android ran “Gingerbread”.

Then there was…

Ice Cream Sandwich (yes that really was it’s name.)
KitKat (nice sponsorship deal.)
Oreo (another sponsorship deal.)
And they stopped the tradition at Pie.

Then it went 10, 11, 12… And 16 is appearing on some devices now.

EDIT to add :Tap Android Version in settings multiple times and see what happens. :grin:

Well, my phone freezes at 61.0.2, they lost 3 wins in the Hero League because I couldn’t kill one guy each time plus the fighting event


I’m having the seem problem with my phone freezing up, I’ve lost in the Hero League and the Event because of this, I open a ticket to support but they were no help, this started happening on Friday 4th November at work, I experience the same thing Saturday while at a friends house and Sunday again while at home, I’ve played this game for years with different devices and have never experience this.

I’ve been having this. I have taken to closing and reopening the app quite often.

Same problem, because of which I will not be able to complete the current super elemental quests. Crashed twice during a level.

I also have issues with a phone running Android 7.1.1. I faced similar issues a couple updates earlier this year, but it was solved by simply deleting and reinstalling the game. It didn’t work this time, and the game has become unplayable.

On top of the crashing the in game chat won’t open correctly when I want to make a post. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled now and that problem persists.

I have a Samsung galaxy note 20 ultra, and mine keeps freezing too. Ignored it the first time, then it happened in the war, made to the battlefield. It has happened a couple of times mid battle, in a raid, and on the maps, and just now in the chat. I contacted support, and got the usual blurb, but had already done everything, then I uninstalled and reinstalled the game, it’s still happening. Support haven’t responded to my reply

Curiously, also have freezing and crashing issues but on an emulator, also running Android 7. Curious coincidence.

Well hopefully if enough people report problems a solution will be found, I am worried that if I keep scoring zero in wars, and losing flags, it wouldn’t be fair on my alliance to stay.

Since 7.1.1 is considered “ancient”, I have low hopes for any fix. However, if anyone up there is interested, certain animations or animation overlaps seem to trigger the freezes. Casting multiple skills in quick succesion, breaking a diamond on the board, and even a specific offer popping up which was up yesterday (I literally never pay attention to them so I can’t be more specific, it was big and yellow).