Crashed during raid

I was just playing a raid, my opponent had one player left and I had a whole team! I got a message saying that the servers were busy, sorry for inconvenience. I lost 35 cups and a flag. Time was 17.20 BST approx 28th April. This isn’t the first time that this has happened during game play. Your servers keep crashing and I keep losing flags etc. Very unhappy!


I have had the same problem twice just 10 minutes ago…
18.27 CEST
That"s not fair with all money we do spend on thos game


So what happens if this happens during war?

Same problem. Good this didn’t happen during fight with titan

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And still no response from mods. :(:thinking:

Got same problem during raid when suddenly the update started.
The message from SG that update will come was received 1,5 days later :frowning:
Don’t think that SG will react on this or if so just tell to contact support…