Crashed due to raid

As soon as I hit the fight button, the game crashed. Upon re-entering, it says I lost. So I’m out the energy AND the trophies, though I never even loaded the battle screen.

Is this just something I’ve got to accept or is there some accountability to fix this error?

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First thing you should do is send a Support Ticket including the time/date it occurred.

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If you mean “will I get my cups or raid energy back?” the answer is: probably not.

Submitting a support ticket is still worthwhile, so that SG can track the issue. But my guess is you’ll probably get a response back telling you there won’t be any compensation.

I realize it’s very frustrating, but the good news is that the temporary loss of trophies doesn’t have any long term consequences. The main thing trophies affect is who you get matched against, and so having lower cups temporarily will make it a little easier to fill your Wanted: Heroes chest because you’ll tend to get slightly easier matches.

If your crash issues are persistent, here’s what SG recommends you try to help fix the problem:

Yeah, it’s the first time it’s happened so I’m not holding my breath on it. Just wondering, really. I put in a ticket, so I guess we’ll see what happens.

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