Crash during war

During battle the game crashed which resulted in a loss of a war ticket and the fighters being marked as used. I hadn’t made a move yet.

This just happened to me, but in the middle of a match. Twice. I wasted my 2 strongest teams, the game froze and then everything greyed out and it went back to the loading screen. When I got back in, I’d lost tickets and had no kills. Awesome. As if wars were even worth it with field aid breaking everything already.

Пожалуйста ответьте мне нужна помощь! только что на войне сгорел ход! я нажал атаку и зависла игра на загрузке боя…ждал 3 минуты, после перезагрузил игру и вуаля урон 0 ход 0! Исправьте баг!!! минус разрабам… Ник в игре DiQuake альянс VIRUS

Same problem today at 23.30 pm. i tried to attack an enemy. the fighting screen didn’t appear. I lost 1 flag and marked heroes and got 0 points. i saw myself fighting the enemy on warfield screen.

my timezone is London’s…I used WLAN to connect

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