Crash app somme times


The app, somme time crash and autoclose.
Please tell me if are a patch to resolve this bug

During the play crash App. The app start correctly, but sometimes crash during the game.
I can’t update the latest android Oreo, because my device not support, the company not release the update. I have the last version of Android 7 (nutgets)

Have you contacted Game Support from in-game?

Menu > Options > Support > (Technical Issues)

I try hit titã and the game crash reset the game alone and i lose my hit :frowning:

Please scroll up for several suggested options. :slight_smile:

This is becoming a bit more frequent and I am now experiencing it after 7-8 months of it never happening. I’ve tried everything mentioned and the only thing that seems to work is that I log out and back in at Game Center. Inevitably the issue returns though. This is recent, around the last game update, which also coincided with me joining beta and also an iOS update. My guess is something isn’t playing well between all of that.

Do you have the 1.9.7 update from today?

Mine just came in and I will report back. Hoping this fixes it!

I have twice now had the game close right after starting to attack a titan. My app and device are updated to current. Is there a way to get the flag back?

I would report the error to SG game support to get it sorted. From in-Game, click:

Menu > Options > Support (Technical)

I do not think the flag can be returned, but I would certainly want to get the error stopped to save future flags.

This is where in game support link leads

This happened to me today too in the middle of titan battle which give me zero damage. It has become more frequent in the past weeks. I will clean apps junk and restart and it will be okay for a while, but it doesn’t prevent it from occuring again. I’m running latest 1.9.7 update.

I still experience what koko is experiencing, though it is less frequent and I am able to get back into the game quicker (vs. having to try multiple times).

Hi, you can still create a request, here are the updated instructions on how to contact us:

It is important to do this via in-game Support button as we then get all the necessary details automatically (such as your account identifier).

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