Crappy YouTube quality for my videos


Does anyone have youtube videos experience for android ?

I am recording some of my raids since 4 days with AZ video recorder and posting them on youtube but even after hours the quality on the site remains bad while the video looks good on my phone (acceptable at least) .

Any idea on how to fix that ?

The examples here:

Thanks for the tips !

@Wormwood @JekylandHyde @Mr.Spock
@ThePirateKing @Olmor
Got Any help for this?

My tips:

  1. Check the quality of your video recording. Usually it defaults quite high but see if you can check it anyways. I personally make use of one called Mobizen which is free to use.

  2. if you’re using a video edit software, just check what the “output” quality is. I personally save mine at 720p quality.

Youtube play-back will only set the quality to whatever you have uploaded at a maximum. The higher resolutions (720 and 1080) usually are on a delay (think its 24 or 48 hours) before they’re available.

Then the actual video watching will default quality to whatever Youtube thinks your current browser./ bandwith can handle.

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Also, YT takes some time to render the higher resolution of the videos. It can take upto several hours for the highest resolutions to appear.

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Yup, best you can do is make sure is that whatever app you’re recording with is recording at 720p and let YT do the rest. Like the PirateKing said, YT might take a little longer to render the final video at the right clean res we’re used to…

Thank you gents! Will check in 24 hours !

Looks fine to me?! It looks good.


Thanks. What is weird is that they look good on PC, but awful on youtube mobile (on android) so I don’t really get why (despite setting the quality to 720p+ manually).

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