Crafting items in rare quests


Pretty sure before you got 2 ascension items instead of 1 crafting item and 1 ascension item before

I’d much rather get a 3 star ascension item than a 4 star nugget or dragon bone that I find in provinces 10> daily


Rewards were randomly generated for Rare Quests before, and generally not better than the new loot model.

I would hate to see it return to the way it was. 1x3* and 1x4* garanteed is stable and good in my opinion.


It’s not random… every quest has consistent rewards


Yes, now it is consistent.
Before it was random.

Thats why I prefer the current version to the previous Rare quest verson.


Current version is much better…remember the old version beating level 4 and getting garbage…now we get 3* ascension item…


It would be nice if those rare quests included ascension items that are not just specific to the element of the quest. For example, I have enough shields, blades, orbs, etc to level multiple heros, but no ■■■■ compasses which are needed for all of them. None of the rare ascension quests I have done this past few weeks have included this item. It’s always been one 3* and one 4* ascension item for that given element only. None of the common “bottleneck” ascension mats.


I guess the “bottleneck” items are different for everyone. I never had a shortage of compasses, did have a dry spell on gloves though, but right now I have 8 pairs of gloves and 10 compasses. Only 2 sturdy shields though…


I’ll trade you 4 shields for a compass :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m in a compass dry spell. Followed by blades (I have used 8 though, I need 6 more). Orbs - I got those! 13 now and I’ve used 8. I dunno why SG loves giving me orbs.

I did have a 5 month dry spell on shields, since then I’ve gotten 7. It feels very much cyclical.


Care to do that trade 10 times? I have somewhere between 15-20 compasses and would rather have the colour specific stuff :rofl:


Se puede hacer eso, del cambio de elementos?


No. No se puede.

No. It’s not possible.