Crafting bundles of HAM and IRON - store excess food

Iron storage and food storage should have options to craft bundles of what they are storing in boxes which you can get from path of valor.

This would become usefull, if you have extra packages ready for when you have more heroes to level or if you want to produce more battle items while still have enough iron to upgrade buildings.

Formula would be for either iron or food storage :

STORAGE LVL 10 : pay 15k iron to craft 10k food bundle ( and vice versa)
STORAGE LVL 12 : pay 30k to craft 25 k bundle
STORAGE LVL 14 : pay 60k to craft 50k bundle
STORAGE LVL 16 : pay 120k to craft 100k bundle
STORAGE LVL 18 : pay 200k to craft 250k bundle
STORAGE LVL 20 : pay 300k to craft 500k bundle


I’m on board :raised_hands:

Yes, would be good if the produced iron (or food) could be stored somehow with some cost.
Food can be stored along with recruits in TC20, but such option is not available for iron.

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Would have to suffer a slight storage penalty, not provide a positive ROI as proposed here, otherwise it is just free iron/ham, and they’d never go for that. Maybe 75k hams turns into 50k bundle or something along those lines.


I understand your point. Will shift the values to reflect , how it would be more suited for SG to incorporate.


I support this (would vote for it, but I’m out of votes).

For a while, I had way too much food and no where to put it.

Then all at one time, I got the unfarmable ascension mats I needed to finish one hero, got another hero up to ascension level, Hunter’s Lodge upgraded so I did the research on the next level item (that I’ll probably never craft anyway), finished another hero and threw some emblems on them…

Suddenly I have no hams. :confused:

maybe a new building with 10 lvl

LVL 01 - research for craft tiny food bundle ( cost 15k food for research )
LVL 02 - research for craft tiny iron bundle ( cost 15k iron for research )

LVL 10 - research for craft Giant iron bundle ( cost 500k iron for research )

the research have a cost
no cost for crafting
time for crafting


I was coming to the forum exclusively to propose something on this line. I find myself right now with a permanent excess of iron and a permanent shortage of food to train troops and heroes, all my buildings are maxed and I have no more battle items to craft since I rarely use them, so there is no way for me to use all that iron.

I don’t think we need a new building to keep cutting on the numbers of those we have, I think a new feature in the alchemy lab will suffice. If we can already do 3 levels at once, I think there should be a level where one is allowed to exchange food for iron or viceversa (the one you don’t choose is the one you get) at a rate of 2:1 (2 units of iron for one of food) or something like that and of course with no gem cost. It could be made to take 5 seconds per each 1K of iron or food, that would make it take around 5h to max any of the two bundles.

Since in order to do this one needs to be an extremely veteran player with extreme necessities, something as simple and plain as I proposed with no further costs would be somehow of a prize to the fidelity of the long-term players. I could really really use that now.

My current status: nothing to use iron in except for battle items I rarelly use.

Food: I need to craft super mana potions (which I do use, titans) or revive scrolls.
I need to craft backpacks and mana potions in the alchemy lab (details meaningless here).
I need to feed and ascend heroes
I need to feed and ascend troops.

I have simply not enough food no matter what I do :smile:

Well, if there would be this feature included, you could use excess iron for it :slight_smile:

As much as this would absolutely post a valid way for me to use my iron, I would much rather prefer the option I have posted.

Further complicating the roster stats kind of ruins it for me, not because I don’t like the general mechanics of strategy and all of the game which is obviously the reason I got hooked in the first place, but much more so because I think that would be turning around in circles, reassessing the odds of reassessed heroes who previously needed a reassessment because the game was reassessed all of these after the first reassessment which was the talent grid.

All right that sounds horrible, but my point is that I’d thank a fresh approach to some of the issues of the game rather than further complicating what it already has.

I have, no overestimation here; HUNDREDS of troops lying around waiting to be fed to other troops, and I finally had wrapped my mind around the idea of training troops (mines are levels 18/19/20/12 (12 for the colors I double down on my team) and I fear I’ll never get the ham I need to train them.

If there was a way to trade iron for food I’d be able to train different types of troops for different battles and purposes, and that would look to me like a more fitting use of that iron and a valid tweak to the strategical part of the game.

After all, crystal shards I have 5000 of those and nearly 1000 dragon bones… mind you: I barely use time stops because I have hel and I rarely use revive scrolls because I have Alberich.

So in my humble opinion the sole purpose of iron for me other than the talent grid would be… getting food.

LOL. Long gone are the days when I didn’t have iron to level all the buildings but had too much food in my hands; the tides turned.

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Olá amigos, surgiro uma ideia que nos ajudará bastante, todos sabemos como é desperdício ficar com depósitos de alimentos ou ferro lotados no limitep e nada podemos fazer enquanto esperamos o construtor ocupado. Surgiro quando nessa situaçao, podermos guardar ferro e alimento em pacotes para esvaziar os depósitos

Hello friends, an idea will come up that will help us a lot, we all know how wasteful it is to have food or iron tanks filled to the limit and we can do nothing while we wait for the busy builder. It will arise when in that situation, we can store iron and food in packages to empty the deposits

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Olá, boa noite a todos! :blush::sunflower:
Eu sinto falta, nos depósitos, de uma indicação sobre o nível de alimento e ferro em cada depósito. Seria útil podermos saber quanto de cada e, em cada um, temos, antes de “clicar” para recolher. Neste momento apenas temos a indicação de que estão “cheios” quando ficam com cor amarela… Até mesmo saber quanto tempo falta para encher, ou para atingir um determinado valor.

Yes, we need to be able to exchange or “buy” bundles of food from bundles of iron. I have no use for bundles of iron with all buildings upgraded. (And Valhalla trolls seem to love to drop extra bundles of–now useless–iron.)

I have, however, immediate need of food for leveling the scores of heroes on my bench, leveling troops, crafting, hunter’s lodge, alchemy, research, and hero academy.

This does sound like a good idea, it would certainly be helpful, i’m not sure it will be implemented because there is simply no benefit in the overall ‘game plan’.

I’m late again but I need this and support it. The search function worked again. :smirk: