Crafting Assension Materials

It’s about money so this probably won’t happen…How about making the ability to craft assension materials…would be great to know you could craft specific ones with alot of effort than hoping for random drops of one’s with your efforts


I have a hard time believing a stronghold of heroes that can revive the dead or cast magic spells but can’t manage to house skilled artisans / tanners / blacksmiths that can make warm capes, sturdy shields, compasses, or hidden blades… Or at least be able to trade for them with traders (not other alliance members, before this turn into that).


I think even if they just gave us the opportunity, even if it was 1,000,000 ham or iron and took a week to get a random 3 or 4* unfarmable item, I’d do it.

I don’t think I would find any one that would disagree with your sentiment, @sleeperZ96BT

I really think SGG purposely make these materials rare and in-farmable (even going to affecting P2P players), just so they can put a cap on the game progression of its overall player base. For an up and coming game company in which this game had just been 1-year old, this may be the lesser of evils.

If ascension items are acquired too quickly and too easily, they will have players running out of things to do before SSG are ready to roll out new materials of the game (which might still be in development, coding, and testing). Perhaps they underestimated how many players were going to play this game (paying or not) that they didn’t allocate enough time/resources for development.

Granted, some players might still leave after threatening to “rage-quit” or “not another penny to be sent to SGG,” etc. etc. At the risk of losing even more existing players due to lack of new game materials, they make certain milestones (e.g. ascending heroes) challenging just so these players (these are the completionist in us) will stick around to complete their “tasks” and be able to show it off to themselves and peers that this is the result of their commitment to the game and some bragging rights, of course.

I am not saying I like the rarity of ascension items, being a F2P player means heroes and ascension items are always arriving from in-game features and my chances at them even less than P2P players. But at least if something takes a long time, I didn’t spend any $$ on it, and it’s a test to my patience.


For the record, I love that they are so rare, it’s the only thing that gives F2P or C2P (cheap to play) players a chance to compete with the top.

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