Covenant quest that gives free coins did not appear in May 2023

I know that the covenant quest appears during a different time than the portal.
But usually the covenant quest that gives us free coins appears BEFORE THE SUMMONING PORTAL?
I Wake up today to see the covenant summons portal live but I have zero free coins because the quest hasn’t even appeared for me to get them.

The last quest was before the portal that featured Thunderclap.
Is this by design?
It also appears that neither the covenant portal nor quest is on the calendar :thinking::thinking::thinking:


And what does it matter? You can still summon for gems or you can buy coins on offer. Free coins don’t generate any revenue for $GG so why should they care if players can gain them?

Let me borrow your credit card then


About Convent Summon:
Staff said as it is not a playable content it will not be shown in the calendar.

About the Quest:
I have asked Staff about whether we get one in May as it is not visible on the calendar several times, but the answer from Petri was just that he will ask around, and no further message from afterwards…

Anyway not having a Quest before the portal is no unheard of:

Source: 🏆 [MASTER] Covenant of Champions - FAQs, Team Discussion, Portal Stats & Summons!


Because they wants people spends as much as they can first round. Because there is a OOOOOP heroes out there. Probably this time they won’t give free coins while event going on. Cuz recommended heroes even OOP


Following your thinking: we can cancel all quests that give free coins, because everything can be bought. :joy:


You want people to pay for these?

Hard pass from me.


I thought it’s bi monthly quest.
Am I miss anything? Even during my time not log in the game?

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Don’t go giving them any ideas!

Yeah, this is 100% expected. The Covenant quest / portal have always operated like this

The portal appears approximately monthly, while the quest appears approximately bi-monthly. So, on average, you’ll either need to save one pull per portal, or there will always be one portal you’ll have to skip, if you’re f2p