Covenant quest summon

I guess it shouldn’t be here ))

UPD. Sorry, everything’s fine )))
Lol )))

It should.


For some reason, they scheduled the event two weeks after the portal.

Lol, don’t ask me… :roll_eyes:

Not even gifted coins, either; boo :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I guess covenant summon opened before the covenant quest. I believe we are going to see Covenant Quest tomorrow too :slight_smile:

Anything which makes money for SG, can’t be a mistake… :smiley: lol


Based on SG calendar the queat will appear after almost 2 weeks from now :slightly_frowning_face:

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And the quest will also come on its own without the portal.
It’s explained in Version 51 Release Notes & Status, the quest is random like rare and aether quest and the gate is like a traveling merchant.


Well, the quest isn’t random, 'cause we all can see concrete dates for it in the schedule :slight_smile:
I believe SG just haven’t found a good permanent place for it.
And it’s illogical to keep quest and its summon gate apart.

Anyway, thanks for your answer :slight_smile:
Your predictions are the best! :wink:

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Where is Malin and Cleaver??? Did they really remove them from the portal even though they aren’t featured? That just seems wrong.


Randomly picked dates and communicated dates aren’t exclusive from one to the other :sweat_smile: but we will see after 3~4 occurrences of the quest if a pattern shows up (likewise for the summon gate).

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Don’t worry, monster hunters will all be included in the monster island event portal.

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No, that doesn’t cut it. I am worried. They introduced heroes to summon portal for an event and then removed them. They kept the 3* and 4* but removed the 5* for the event? What a ripoff. Had I known the older monster heroes were removed, I wouldn’t have purchased coins.

I’m confused as to why there is a covenant summon portal and going to be a monster island portal for the same featured heroes, but one portal has more and the other less of the desired heroes? And why are we paying more gems when they are removing desirable 5* heroes? This makes no sense.

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They said from the start that the covenant portal would have a different set of included heroes each time it would come back around. You should probably have read more before buying those coins, or at least check the portal yourself. This portal is unrelated to the monster island event, they just use it to exclusively release those heroes just like they did for the first gargoyles and nyx heroes for Black Friday and Summer solstice summer respectively.

I probably should have looked through the portal first. But they’ve never done this before, it’s almost like they keep changing the rules. If it’s only new featured 5* monster hunter heroes introduced each month and it’s unrelated to the monster hunter portal or event (which it really doesn’t seem that way), why keep the 3* and 4* monster heroes that aren’t featured?

Gargoyles and Styx heroes were featured once before the portal opened to generate buzz, now it’s a monthly thing or will that end once Monster Island portal opens? And if all featured Monster Hunter heroes are available during Monster Island portal, what will then be the incentive to summon during the covenant portal that includes less of those heroes and a whack of older/dated heroes without costumes?

Not til the end of the month

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