Coven of Chaos looking for merger

Hey everyone,
The Coven of Chaos have been together for over 3 years. We are a semi chatty adult group that can crack some jokes and lighten your day. Predominantly US based. We’re a mix of P2P and C2P.

At the same time we’ve had lots of folks come and go recently that weren’t participating regularly and what’s left right now are 21 competitive folks that use all 6 flags for war, and are killing 9s and 10s regularly.

But… We need help. Many of us really really want that full competitive 30 player alliance experience. We are looking for 9 players to come join us that enjoy logging in daily, enjoy war, enjoy the daily grind and day to day strategies, and like working together to slay titans. Ideally a merger makes sense, but we will take single players as well.

Additionally we’ve got some spenders in the group too now along with some heavy hitters, so we’re wanting to turn the corner to start knocking off 11s and 12s… And you never know after that. :blush:

Other notes
6 flags used all wars and daily titan hits
Unique war strategy
Telluria or purple tanks desired
2300 cups or above
40 to 50 fully levelled heroes for war
We have discord pages where we share game strategy, war, alchemy lab tricks, other things

Hit me up here or on discord: taylor1016#1786
Or check us out in game.

Holler at me with questions.

Thanks! Come join the Coven…

Would love to talk to you about a possible opportunity. Would you find me on Discord? Dengar88880#2704

Thanks Dengar, I sent you a friend request on Discord.

The Coven of Chaos is still looking for players. 7 openings remain. Come join us.

The Coven of Chaos just lost a long time member who had decided to no longer play the game, we are back to 8 open positions. Just won the last 2 wars in a row, and are defeating 9 and 10 star titans with ease. Join us!

9 Spots open. Really want to fill these spots. Come check us out.

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