🏛 Courtyard organization: How do you organize your buildings, efficiently?


So you have all the buildings at your disposal.

resources: 9 x FARMS, 4 x MINES,
storages: 4 x FOODS, 5 x IRONS, 4 x HOUSES,
craft/heroes: 3 x FORGES, 4 x TRAININGS, 1 x BARRACKS

Iron mines are full and you no longer keep an eye on them.
You always check MisticVision - left side and Watchtower right side; so bottom side should be never viewed?

How do you organize your buildings? Ho do you arange them to be at reach as per main window pops up when logging in? Aint dumb to have 9 farms and 8 max grouped slot in courtyard?

How do you do it?

See attached image and give your input as per Zone/Area and building number. :wink:

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