Couples of E&P (Poll: Do you play with your other half?)

@Ripcode’s post of buying a gem pack for his wife got me thinking.

How many of us on here play E&P with our other half?

I would love to but mine doesn’t like games at all…:rofl::sweat_smile:

For all the couples out there…

  • How are the dynamics like?

  • Do you farm together or play at the same hours?

  • Are you in the same alliance?

  • Are your teams different, spending patterns different?

Thanks just totally curious!!

@Duaneski I think you may fit into this category if I didn’t misremember

Perhaps I could start a poll just for laughs? :rofl::rofl::rofl:

  • I’m single
  • I play E&P with my other half
  • My other half doesn’t play E&P with me :((

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@Lila_Ann and I do both play indeed. :slight_smile:

She is not nearly as much of a gamer as I am, but she played some final fantasy, kingdom hearts, Mario kart growing up. So she has something of a history with games. On her phone she has played some stuff too.

E&P, I honestly think it’s a great game to share with a SO. It crosses over a lot of genres. It’s simple and can be complex.

To answer your other questions:

Spending habits are similar.

We are and have always been in the same alliance.

We do play at some of the same times. I’ve gotta say she is a much more consistent farmer and raider than I am. She uses way more flags than I do lol. But we just about always war together (with our alliances war party. The time works out well for us). Titan hits aren’t usually together. I’m not allowed to watch her hit titans hah. Which I get. No need to add extra pressure to that :slight_smile:


Wow thanks for the info, pretty interesting. Similar background in games to me! Add Crash Bandicoot, Tomb Raider, some Advance Wars: Black Hole Rising, Professor Layton, Ace Attorney…

Hmm…I think my chances of successfully introducing the game to my other half is lower than pulling Evelyn, Mother North and Alby in one go. :rofl:


My wife always is asking me about the game, why I do this, what is that, etc… But every time I offered her installing it or creating an account for her, she just refuses. Doesn’t like RPG stile games I guess.

I voted NO, and will show this thread to her, hoping to change her mind :grin:


I never played advance wars but I’ve heard great things.

I keep mentioning this other game on these forums called Uniwar. It’s in a different genre than E&P (TBS) and it has very few users…

But anyway, the game designer ‘borrowed’ from two games to make it: advance wars and Starcraft. It’s really good. If you do try it sometime you can find me on there as duaneski.

I haven’t been able to get the Mrs to get Uniwar despite that I’ve been playing it for 3 years. Because TBS isn’t a genre she enjoys.

Which I think is at the crux of the problem with recruiting your SOs to the game. If they don’t like RPG it’s a tough sell. I would try to sell it as Match3 with deep progression and teamwork I think if the RPG angle didn’t work. But if they don’t game at all… well. Gonna be a tough sell :stuck_out_tongue:

Best of luck !!

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I wouldn’t mind my wife playing this with me, she often asks about it.
She admits though she isn’t great at puzzle games, so isn’t interested.



Fiancé says he doesn’t have the patience for the game like I do lol. Ascention items are certainly a waiting game.


My wife and I played DragonVale and Midnight Castle. Ads for this game kept popping up and eventually we tried it. Bad move. It sucked us right in. Those other games are gathering dust.

Not sure what the line is for C2P? My wife is nearly F2P so that is why I helped her out. I am C2P but problaky heading toward to P2P. Maybe. Lol!

We are in the same alliance. It would be weird to not be in the same.

She is the better player. With a weaker team she continually progresses while I am stuck in both Seasons. She is a vicious raider. I keep trying to figure out her tactics, but have not been able to so do. I watch and she seems to work the gems better and has better luck. She is also addicted to this game. (As I am.)

We try and pull summons together. We celebrate the good pulls and console each other on the bad pulls.

I’m happy that we play this together. :heart_eyes:


I play E&P with my son @Wharflord. Do I get partial credit?


My adult son also plays. He is definitely P2P. Also in the same alliance as me.

  • How are the dynamics like?

Gryphonkit- Burning jealousy over my 2090 finished heroes in Extra low cost training and 46.1 million food hoard in Legendary training.

And by burning jealousy I mean mildly annoyed.

Gryphonknight- Burning jealousy over her Delilah.

And by burning jealousy I mean sometimes I throw my phone across the room and rage quit for a few days.

  • Do you farm together?



Gryhonkit- I want to kill green monsters today. I need some Crude iron for Tornadoes. Oh, a cool quest.

Gryphonknight- Where can I get rugged clothes. Where can I fill my Wanted monster mission chest and get String. Where can I get the most recruits per auto play hour. Where should I spend my loot tickets.

  • play at the same hours?

One of our favorite parts of Empires is being able to play at different hours since I work in the city and she works in the Suburbs.

  • Are you in the same alliance?

While she found Twilights Bastion first, I made co-leader first due to mentoring my teammates about the Revenge Bar and War points.

But she is now co-leader and I have stepped down to Elder due to some aspects of a Gacha based game. I intend to be the alliance’s Trade Czar if Devs ever implement a decent version of trade.

  • Are your teams different,

Gryphonkit- Set it on fire. Oh, that Hero art is cool. Gryphonknight wants it so I will power it up ( She is wrecking Diamond arena with her all purple attack team and her Delilah based defense team ).

Gryphonknight- What works well together. How many combinations can I use in war to take apart the popular centers. How long does the effect last. Does it counter a popular special skill.

  • spending patterns different?

Gryphonkit- buy all the things

Gryphonknight- carefully decide what fits my play style before making a purchase. Also lavishly spend on gems for Gryphonkit ( Anniversary, Birthday, Christmas, first date, first… stuff, lots of stuff ).


I started playing the game first and loved it. It took me several months to convince my husband to start. He went with other alliances because we didn’t think we’d play well together. We are very competative with each in games and sports.

It was working well, but when I became a de facto leader of our alliance and we lost our strongest player to a family emergency, I asked if he’d join us to get us over the hump.

I promised him I wouldn’t order him around.

The dynamics when he joined definately changed our alliance for a bit. The other players (the guys), were used to teasing me. Immediately I could feel their unease as to how they should now talk to me. I encouraged my husband to talk to me the way he would normally, which was similar to them, and they all soon realized that we have a friendly, joking style.

We both enjoy now being on the same alliance, chatting with and about our fellow members. I’m the actual leader now and we haven’t had any issues.

He still enjoys beating me on titan hits but we have so many competative men (in a fun way) that he’s finding it more fun to challenge them.


Our alliance has:

  • A brother and sister, and their respective wife and fiancée (they announced their engagement in the alliance!)
  • A mother and her adult daughter and son
  • A wife and husband
  • Two additional couples
  • A few real-life friends of some of the above
  • An additional set of real-life friends

And for the rest of us, we’ve all been together for months, most of us going on 4+ months now, and our alliance is super chatty, so we’ve all become good game friends.

As a married solo player, I’m a little jealous of all the couples/family/friends playing together, but my spouse has no interest.


Yes, I play with my other half. I downloaded the game, played for a little bit the day I downloaded it and completely forgot about it. A month later I noticed my other half playing the game and I thought I have that game. Immediately I started playing again after asking him a ton of questions about game play. From that moment on we have played together.

We joined the same alliance where there was an inactive leader so we decided to make our own alliance. He’s the leader and I’m the co-leader. My niece and nephew are the only two members in our alliance who know for sure we are a couple. Most of our members aren’t chatty (although I wish they were) anyway so we never mentioned it.

I’m addicted to this game and am on this forum trying to learn everything I can. I pass info I learn to him and the rest of the alliance. We have had many in-depth conversations and honestly, I think he is sick of hearing me talk about this game.

We are mainly f2p with the occasional purchase of a cheap deal. I have the better heroes but he has exceptionally bad luck. Even with his bad luck, he still is one of our stronger players. I have been the top player in our alliance until recently when another member has surpassed me.


I don’t need the wife finding out exactly how much I spend in this game!

She thinks it’s a silly pastime anyway, lol.


My husband started E&P first and after about 2 weeks, I decided to try it out. One and a half years later, we are still at it.
We are in the same alliance, which I lead.
He has a much larger roster than I, due to him spending more and also having much! more luck summoning.
We both play on our own schedule due to RL considerations, but sometimes manage to play simultaneously.

I really enjoy being able to share it with him.


@_John_Doe meet @rusydi18 . Maybe we can do something about that “single” category. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I hope I have the right names there. Not sure about the “R.”


I started taking an interest in Mrs theBard when she beat me at FPS SWAT 4.

She often refuses to get involved in my hobbies because she doesn’t want to beat me at everything!


Your son!?!? No wonder I got crap loot after this post - moderator curse!

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