Couple looking for new alliance

@Sarah2 and @DocBrown you are basically doing my job for me lol.

@amberle83-i messaged you on line.

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Check us out to see if it’s what you are looking for…

Currently recruiting for both alliances. I’d love to chat with you. We welcome visits to help decide. We’re * that * confident. :grin:

Ice Saber - line id: saberofempires
Jonah - jonahthebard
Rook - chibipotato16

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:skull: :skull: Irate Pirates :skull: :skull: Global Alliance with 1400 trophies requirement and looking for Active Players. We currently have 13 open spots. Opened less than a month ago; we are already taking down 10* Titans and in need of Active Players to grow stronger. All we expect is play actively and never miss a Titan. Participation in War is Optional but all 6 flags should be used if you choose to take part.

Come Join the Crew!:skull::skull:

come and join our alliance fun friendly and active

Our alliance, Sixth Element, is currently looking for members, please come and give us a try.

Please chk us out…we have 4 couples, a bunch of smart asses, myself include and play competitively but with fun in mind always! Aware real life interferes so no hard core rules! We are 2 yrs old with 13 members 4000+ defense teams! Love war and titans! Would love to have you!

Wargods of Metal suchen aktive Mitglieder auf Anfrage

Krieg und Titan stehen bei uns am täglichen Speiseplan bei dir auch? Das Beweise dich vor unseren Augen

Come check out my alliance Lion’s Den 2 only 3 spots LEADER Jean use my name for invite, dedicated players ONLY

The Fifth Element is your long lost home. We have 2 Canadian couples, other members are from the US, Great Britain, South Africa, Lebanon. Most are 4k players. We’re Canadian so of course we’re smartarses. Bring your multipass and come check us out. Leader is Lilu.

Give Grizzly Den a look and if interested please reach out. Good luck wherever you decide to go!

@amberle83, If you have found a new home, you can tag a moderator to close your thread. Otherwise, you’ll continue to be inundated with offers from hopeful recruiters. GL

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I’ve sent you a message on Line about our alliance, Rise Against. We have 10* titans, purple tanks for war and 2 spots with your names on!

Savage burn recruiting new members! 5 spots available 1200 trophies minimum. Killing 7* titans. Friendly Canadians with some Dutch members as well. Growing fast and getting stronger each day! We have 4 couples and yes they are all smart asses lol

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