Couple looking for a new place to call home :)

Hi Vanderkay !

I also lead an alliance with my wife, it’s called Dynasty of Warriors.

Currently we’re with 13 active players.

We’re a very chill but active alliance. You don’t have to do anything, real life comes first, always. But because we’re a tight group we try to use flags as much as we can.

I refer to my last post in Alliance recruitment to make my case. Everyone Welcome at Dynasty of Warriors! - Alliance Recruitment - Empires & Puzzles Community Forum (

Always welcome to drop in, have a chat with the group and see if you’re interested.

Have a nice day !


Hi Vandersky,

The Northern Ice alliance seems to fit all your requirements.

Our entrance threshold is 2,200 trophies. Does this suit you?
If you are below but close let me know, since this can probably be coordinated.

Good Luck!

you can come check us out at Ascendant Blinks, we are part of the Ascendant Family

we are a growing alliance looking for active players to grow with us. we have the Ascendant Family and the knowledge of some very advanced players who are more than happy to help you out with any issue or question you may have. though line app is optional.

we require the bare minimum, titan hits as many times as your schedule allows
war is optional but all flags are mandatory, tank is set monthly, war is FFA
if something in RL comes up, we do understand
we are only allergic to inactivity, if you wish to step away from the game for a while (vacation, a break, etc) a small heads up is all we need. we remove inactive after 5 days and elders after 15 days of unnotified inactivity.

we are easy playing because we all have RL outside of the algorithm walls.
if you are interested, come check us out. we currently have 6 spots open

Thanks a lot for all the replies so far, really appreciate it :slightly_smiling_face: I’ll have a read once I get home from work. Thanks again.


Hello Vanderkay
The Last Legion family is recruiting. Based on what you are looking for, I believe 3 of our alliances would be a good fit. Legion of Hunters, Legion of Layabouts and Legion of Twilight

You can reach me on Line ID:RomanLeviticus, if you would like to discuss further or reply here as I check the forums often

With thanks to @Sarah2 for the shoutout! Yes, Guardians Family is a series of alliances from very beginner to global leaderboard. There’s definitely a place for you! We focus on fun, learning the game, useful strategies, working together. We have many groups of friends and/or family that we move up together as they get stronger and more experienced. At your level, you’re probably above the first level, but the second level (Guardians Rising) only has one spot available at the moment, and it’s usually better to come in on the ground floor, at least for a little bit. So I would sincerely invite you to come knock on the door to try out Guardians Academy. I’m sure you will have fun, and enjoy both the Guardians family, and the game!



Team mates, we feel You’ll fit in perfectly.
We are also 2 players, not a couple. We both started over two years ago. Our alliance is Lonely, we are very kind and respectful to the other. You’ll play without pressure. Ask anything, we both will act to help you get answers. We are both over 40, VERY ACTIVE in the game. We were 3 but our leader has been gone for over 3 months :pensive:. Love to have You’ll join us. [quote=“Vanderkay, post:1, topic:248832, full:true”]
Hello friends :wave:

Me and my wife are looking for a friendly alliance to call our home. We are 36 and 28 so we’d preferably be interested in an alliance which is somewhat mature but also understands that real life comes first :wink:

We only just started recent and is currently level 22 and level 18 but we really love the game and would like to find a place where we can grow and get to know people, and just have a grant time. An active chat with friendly people is a must :wink:

We’re very active and playing daily both of us. We are striving to become better and hopefully we’ll be a good asset to your alliance, at least we’d like to think so.

Thanks a lot for reading, and please let us know if you think your alliance is the right one for us. We’d love to hear from you.

Cheers :slightly_smiling_face:

The WatchKeepers Boot Camp is looking for new players.

At WatchKeepers we love this game and want to help starting players. Some of our experienced WatchKeepers swept the old clubhouse, cleaned up the garden and started writing training materials. So if you are looking for a head start with a good team of teachers and a helpful alliance, join us! We promise to only yell at you a little during your WatchKeepers Boot Camp .


  • Daily activity.
  • Hit every titan.
  • War is optional, but if you opt in, use at least 3 flags if you are below lvl 20, or 6 lvl 20 and up.
  • Line is required for War, but feel free to chat or just read.
  • Age: 18+

We have several couples playing in our main alliance.

Interested? Contact us at Line ID ‘w1nnie’.

Hey, I would love to invite you to our alliance. We have two one is for more advanced players and a second one for players just starting out. The second alliance is led by an awesome husband and wife team. It is called Barbarians of Apocalypse and in both alliances we are low key and understanding of real life.

I don’t have Line, any chance you have discord or something else where I can reach you?

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I’m not a fan either. Discord really is a nice app.

We use Discord too. :wink:

If you haven’t found an alliance yet, check out Alternate Reality. We also have a couple in our alliance too. Lots of encouraging folk and they all share tips and help one another.

Best of luck in your search!

I do have discord….Roman Leviticus

Check us out at “The Average Joes”.
We are now 29 at the moment.
If you are interested then the co’s will clear that space by removing one of the inactive.
Will check with dropping ally cup range as well.

Hello! Peace-Keepers. Our alliance is active but very casual. Come grow with us. We have a few active chatters too. Some pop in periodically. Few of us on discord keep communication and team help open! Check us out!

Hey, @Vanderkay!

I’m the “old” leader of More Tucking of Fitans, just handed it off a couple of weeks ago bc of work.

We’re meant for growing, at your pace, no pressure, and currently 25 people (one other h/w team) ranging in age from students to over 50, in level from early 20’s to 75+.

We have casual players and more serious ones, and our rules are simple for all:
(1) Hit the titan! (2) Use all six flags in war or opt out! (Opting out is recommended until you have 30 heroes for six teams.) (3) Communicate! We use Discord for info and notifications, and in-game chat, of course.

We’re a very supportive, helpful, and enthusiastic group, with lots of chat by some, and we’re mindful of people’s RL commitments. If you can’t be on for a day or three, we just ask that you notify us in advance where possible.

More info as you wish, and best of luck, whatever you decide!

I need your discord tag including the “#” :slight_smile:


You seem to have lots of offers. Let me add mine. Six Flags of Fury is an active but chilled alliance. We are hitting 7* titans, which is manageable when you are starting out. We chat a lot. We did have a running joke about including fish puns, but thankfully I think we have got over that now! We are all adults and all active. We don’t mind if people need to get away from the game for a bit, so long as they let us know. We’d love to have you!


Roman Leviticus#6927

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