Country Flag PINs – When will UK flag next appear?

This might be a daft question so apologies in advance, but does anyone know when the U.K. flag will next appear to buy, I think for 200 gems. Thanks

I think there’s not really any way to know currently, unfortunately. I don’t think there’s a fixed rotation, particularly since they’ve added more pins over time.

Many thanks. I will just have to be patient…

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I think so, like everything else in this game. :laughing:

I’ve heard rumor from Staff that they may revamp the pin/avatar shop at some point, but I have no idea if that’s going to be soonish, a long time from now, or end up getting tossed and never completed…

An entirely British response! I nabbed mine last time, Good luck and rule Britannia!

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Hello, I hope this is very good. Please can include the Costa Rican flag . Currently that flag is not included. Please indicate if it is with you or to whom I can write, more than a year ago it had already been requested and still nothing

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