Country dragon slayer looking for alliance member


Looking for reliable alliance member. Here are our rules; Ok everyone as you all know we have a 3 unexplained titan misses you are getting kicked. All we ask is that you participate to the best of your ability. We never never ever criticize your points unless you bump one of us down the chart (lol). We are only keeping a 2week record. Soooooo everyone gets a “reset” so to say. I truely enjoy everyone here. If you are chatty, quiet that’s ok. we are here for fun and your personality is ok with us.

If you have questions just ask one of us is always glad to help. In regard to the 3 unexplained misses all we ask is a quick “hey going to be out for x amount of time” or “sorry for the miss” there is no need for you to go into detail unless (like me) you want to. We don’t have to know your personal business. Most of all HAVE FUN!