Counterfit Silver Dollar Ads @

You are currently running an Ad in your Mystic Vision from Gelotoystore for 1 oz Silver Dollars for $6.99 ea.
Silver is between $25 to $27 an oz. They also show a Proof coin which costs more than a standard stamping. I have collected coins all my life and if this was REAL, I would drop a $1000 to buy them up, but I recently tried a different coin ad that appeared to be an Italian website. WRONG ! it was some Chinese guy, but luckily I bought through PayPal and after some threatening, (he tried to only refund half of my money)
Eventually I got a total refund (damn coins stuck to a magnet, were out of correct dimensions and weight)
You should check the validity of your advertising before accepting an ad to run through your game. If you do not pull this ad, I will report you to the Federal Trade Commision and let them handle it !

As apt as I am to criticize this game when they are doing something wrong… in this case, I feel it’s important to point out that SG/Zynga themselves do not “choose” what Mystic Vision ads you see. The outside advertising is handled by third party apps, so you should probably contact either Google or Apple instead (depending on which platform you are running the game on).


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