Counterattack not applied

This was the state of my raid right after Kageburado hit Domitia with Cyprian’s counterattack active:

As the screenshot shows, Kageburado did not suffer any ill effects from the counterattack. K had no talents, so that doesn’t explain it. (I can provide more specific info on time, account, and device if that would be helpful.)

I’ve also experienced the opposite effect a few times recently where my heroes play their special to no effect. Not negated by talents, just no effect other than depleting my hero’s mana. It has happened at least twice with Hansel and once with Mitsuko.

Kageburago actually debuffs before applying damage. The order of effects on a card is the order they’re applied in. So he will never be affected by dispellable defensive buffs.

You can also see that his dispel removed the Riposte buff from Domitia.


Thanks, that’s helpful. I could’ve sworn I had seen counterattack applied to Kageburado in other instances but perhaps I’m misremembering. Will definitely pay closer attention to that in the future.

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