Counterattack and the rogue class talent

How does Elena’s counterattack work alongside her “evade” talent when she’s wearing her costume?

Does she dodge specials, taking no damage from and returning no damage to her attacker—or does she dodge specials, take no damage, and return 155% of the damage she dodged?

I assume it’s the former but would like to know for sure how she works. For those who’ve had her costume for awhile, how do you like her? Do you think she’s better as a rogue or as a fighter?

Thanks for any feedback!

Yip, This.

I ONLY run the rogue one personally. I don’t have any emblems on her so I don’t have any issues with her dodging any specials…

I prefer the costume because there is a higher counter attack damage (155% vs. 125%) & they rebalanced her stats to reduce defence & increase HP (essentially meaning she takes more damage but returns it even more).

I also run her with Black Knight a lot cause of his Taunt… Basically FORCES the opposition to nuke themselves on the counter damage.

More here:

And my other thoughts about Costume vs. normal: