Counterattack and splash damage

I found a weird behaviour of counterattack when you use splash damage (special that do damage to selected target and minor damage to nearby). It seems that minor damage is done before the full hit on selected target - when hero who’s hit by minor damage has a counterattack and your hero is low health, you’ll be dead before the damage is done to the selected target. I don’t remember if it was always this way, but it feels as some unnoticed change happend with recent version. Or I’ve just never experienced this situation before.

Two examples in pictures:
My raid attack team:

Defense team no. 1:

Enemy Obakan has counterattack on and has ~1000 HP, Hu Tao has ~ 400, other heroes are dead. My Richard is ready to fire its special but is low health (~100 HP). He always dies so I target Hu Tao to be sure to take him down with me. Bam! Obakan takes minor damage, Richard is dead but Hu Tao is untached, no damage done. Interestingly both of them has decreased attack. Weird!

I managed to found another defense team for testing purposes:

Similar scenario: Only Gregorian and Elena are alive with counterattack on. I have Athena and Richard ready to fire their specials. Athena is high health so she survives hitting both of them, Richard is again low health (~50 HP). I target Elena and fire, and it’s same as last time - Gregorian takes damage, Richard is dead but Elena takes nothing. Both have their attack decreased.

I am not telling that it’s bugged but I’d expect Richard’s damage to be applied to all heroes and then counterattacked damage to be resolved, this way it is just weird.

What’s your thoughts?

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