Counterattack Ability is BROKEN After Update

I was defeated as a result of counterattack during a revenge raid. Now this isn’t my first time experiencing a counterattack, in fact I’ve been victorious over such powers previously. Counterattack is only supposed to counter back the signature abilities though. For those new to the game, the Counterattack is an ability for certain heroes in the game. And how it works is, your opponent activates their special, counters back a portion of the received damage. Really annoying to deal with, but it is preventable so long as you defeat their heroes first before activation. As a mentioned, CA is supposed to be effective against specials, but Troops are now vulnerable. No longer are Troops immune to the counterattack. I’ve never had this issue until now as I always pay attention to the health and manna of my heroes. Please fix this issue immediately and make Troops safe again. Thank you.

If I good understand: counteraatack work for tiles and it is bug/new mechanic?

It was always working for ALL taken dmg - skills/tiles, only Mitsuko and Ursena have special countreattack (for blue and yellow) and theirs works only for skills.


What you may be noticing, though, is that the percentages were raised for most of the normal riposte heroes, making them considerably more dangerous to just attack willy-nilly.


As @Radar1 says, this is not new behavior. The counterattack abilities always worked against all forms of direct damage (tiles, slash attacks, and specials that cause up-front damage). Indirect damage, like DOTs, reflections, counterattacks, and shared damage do not generate a counterattack.

The change to the riposte heroes that @mpolo mentions happened a couple of builds ago, so they’re not exactly new either.


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