Counter stuck on 219 for Season 2 Enemy Avatar Mission

I have been playing season two province 10/10. There are a lot of kinuches (foxes), in this level. I have been playing for weeks and the counter remains locked at 219. I have played at the normal level, and at the hard level, and each time i check, i am still at 219. As you can see, i have almost completed the boss of the same province, and will soon have the avitar, but am unable to progress with the enemy kuniches. Can you please check into this and help me with this issue? I sincerely thank you in advance for any help you can give. Is it possible i am missing something altogether. At 219, i apparently was working at one point. Again, thank you.

That is because the task involves killing Ice Kitsunes (Blue foxes), not the red ones.

Province 14, Stage 1 (Normal) is best for Ice Kitsunes. Also, Province 15, Stage 7 (Normal) is good if you are filling both Kirin and Ice Kitsune task together. :slight_smile:


as @ThePirateKing said you need to kill Ice the blue foxes
but i have to disagree with him on Province 14 stage 1, for me province 12 stage 1 gives me more on average

@Emc154 you can find the lvls that are ok for missgdgfgd


why do i dont know about your topic O.O

great topic @_John_Doe although the season 2 pic need an update as they added defeat monsters and bosses V :stuck_out_tongue:

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i know; but aint on my priority list; if i find it updated, ill update it too.
it’s just a guide thanks to all the great ones that do track and share on this forum :wink:

Well, according to the collected data in the spreadsheets by the wonderful community, 14-1 takes less world energy and gives more recruits to finish the mission as compared to 12-1. :slight_smile:

Check this out:

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@Expired season 2 pic updated :wink:

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LoooL great
And really thank you
Am still at IV tho but my brother is almost done with V

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