Counter attacks – who’s better, Boril, Cyprian, or Obakan?

Who is better for counter attacks… Boril, obakan or Cyprian ??

Obakan isn’t any good. Single riposte is weak and almost useless.

Cyprian and Boril are quite equal. Cyprian strikes back harder due to his high hp and has the tankier talent. Both have cool talents, but Boril reacts on special attacks, while Cyprian can profit from tile damage. Boril has higher def.

If you want to choose one of them, simply take the one you use more often or decide by color or by class. They are very equal, so it doesn’t really matter whom you grow.


For longevity of usage, Boril’s higher defense means that although be returns less damage than Cyprian he will live longer and therefore you can continue using him on defense well into diamond raid arena while you upgrade additional 5* heroes.

On Boril I speak from personal experience.

Cyprian doesn’t show up much at all in diamond since with the lower defense he doesn’t survive as long when facing 5* attackers (ie he doesn’t punish a bad board as much as Boril does).

When still working your way up, both will work very well and the choice will be best made by looking at the synergies with your other heroes. All else equal, I would choose Boril.


Sorry, addressing you point on Obakan. How deep is your bench? Do you have other 5* dark heroes?

Leveling up a 5* is a HUGE commitment of resources and if your bench isn’t yet fully set for wars and challenge raids then keep your focus on the 4* heroes. 2 4* is better than 1 5* until you have a deep bench (this doesn’t hold true if the 5* is one of the best of the best like Ariel, Hel, Zeline, etc).

Obakan being fast mana and durable can be useful but if you need the bench, take the 4* up and perhaps you will have a top notch dark 5* in the mean time.

Not knowing what style of player you are makes it difficult to say. If you spend regularly wait before leveling up Obakan. He is ok for a 5* but dark has better and via spending you should get one sooner or later.

If you don’t spend or hardly spend then he may be useful to you but evaluate him in light of your bench depth. Hero class is important for the challenge events.


Cyprian is the best among the 3.

Effective Riposte must have high HP and low def.
High def lowers its effective counter hit.

This is also why Elena was designed the way it is.

I have Obakan at 5*… Richard 5* … King Arthur 5* … Joon 5* …Anzogh 5*

I also have the following 4* …Little John … skittleskull …Cyprian … Kelite … Kashkrek … Boldtusk… Danzaburo … Proteus … Sumitomo … Agwe … Kiril … Gadeirus … Wu Kong … Sonya… Boril & Namahage …

Too many to level & so difficult to choose which to level up…
All the 5* are levelled up to max nearly but cant ascend as no ascension items… hidden blade etc ??

Hi friend. Boril
Is better :wink:

Boril it is then… ty

Agree that Cyprian is better for the lower level enemies. My preference is based on when you advance enough to face fully leveled 5* teams, Boril can still hang in there but Cyprian will not perform as well.

Cyprian returns more damage because he takes more damage.


Try focus leveling all in rainbow each per color your *3 and *4 heroes first, like this (priority from left-right):

Red: Boldtusk, Namahage. If no other red, Kelile and Sumitomo is also not so bad.
Blue: Kiril (best for healer and combo att+deff), Sonya (dispeller), Boril can wait if you want to.
Green: Kashrek & Gadeirus (best candidate for your tank defense), Little John, Skittleskull if no other good green.
Yellow: Wu Kong (best for Titan), Danzaburo.
Purple: Proteus (best *4 heroes), Cyprian.

After seeing your rosters, I do not recommend Boril for your tank, because you have another good blue to levelingup, I suggest choose Kashrek or Gadeirus as alternative. This is for the case for defense. And I do not know your *5 can be as tank also like Anzogh maybe? Maybe other members can give you more depth advices.

*5 Heroes good and shine at 4.80, if you do not already have the mats, and it is normal how rare those mats, consider levelingup *4 first as *4 is more cheap to level. one *5 = two *4 heroes.
There are no disadvantage leveling *4, because it is for your good bench stacking againts Titan, Raid/War, event, class trial, tournament, etc.

Consider to keep best *3 heroes for stacking or event tournament etc.:
Red: Rudolph, Squire Wabbit, Namahage, Hawkmoon, Nashgar, Azar
Blue: Gato, Valen, Ulmer, Gunnar
Green: Muggy, Belith, Brienne, Berden, Mnesseus, Hisan
Yellow: Bane, Gan Ju, Melia, Kailani
Purple: Balthazar, Tyrum, Chochin, Gill-Ra


My personal experience is that Gadeirus does not hold the fort very well but Kashhrek is an alternative to Boril until you get to Diamond. @AirHawk uses Kashhrek in Diamond and there are several Borils in Diamond as well.

Gadeirus has a problem and that is his mana speed, slow simply doesn’t cut it with his stats against maxed 5*. Facing partially leveled teams sure.

Kiril came to me late and he is only at 3-60 and probably never going higher due to my roster. He can be a tough nut but he never scared me when raiding against him and a Dragon banner gave me the main benefits with a better healer able to heal (Sabina and Melendor also debuff the enemy which no potion or scroll can do).


What do you mean diamond ??

The above posters mean Diamond Raid Arena Tier.

From a class trial perspective, both Cyprian and Boril are useful, facing off against multiple hitters in the final stages (Cyprian is super helpful in both Paladin trials, Boril only great for Trials of Fortitude). That said, it looks like you have a lot of Paladins, but few Clerics; it might be useful to level Boril for this reason.

Didn`tg know there was a diamond arena… just thought was Bronze, Silver & Gold…

Do not forget the platinum raid tier between gold and diamond.

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