Counter attacked from first shot

First shot of 3 think yellow troop so week shot counter attacked on every single shot from my first go they didn’t even have time to build up mana looking at players team none of the hero’s have counter attack as part of there m.o .but getting counter attacked from first shot .Am I missing something or is there a glitch.

The immediate counterattack behaviour sounds like a bug but as a note, your opponent’s tank is Boril, who does have riposte as his power. From your description of events it doesn’t sound like he had the time to charge and use it though.

Yes happened from very first shot no mana build up and every turn after that .so I didn’t last very long I’ve done a years worth of raiding but never come across this and sending out grey or silver arrows but not like arrow attack

Ran out of raid energy so couldn’t test again and don’t want to as I think he took 49 trophies from me so not really willing to test it

I will see if I can find as only took 16 trophies

A few times playing on world map, I have thought for sure the enemy died (little health left) without me hitting them or w/out my riposte hero having his special up, and w/out a DoT on them. May not have even had a riposte hero, now that I think of it :slight_smile:
I shrugged it off thinking maybe the special was active & expired after the enemy hit.
It’s been very inconsistent, so if it is a bug, it will be tough to track down without more details.

I’ll try to be more observant if it happens again.

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