Counter Attack Hitting me

My hero has riposte but My characters are the only ones getting hit with counter attacks it never hits Any of the monsters with a counter attack!?!?

Riposte shouldn’t hit heros, just enemies

Screen shot? Where is this happening?

I got rid of the hero Because every time I used it I would get counterattacked lol

It works like this, assuming 8/8 skill.

Your hero has Perfect Riposte on.
He take 100 damage from an enemy.
That enemy get 115 damage.

So your hero will ALWAYS take damage. But that damage is increased and mirrored towards the enemy too.


The game’s AI is smart enough to attack around perfect reposte. You will see its benefit when a hero uses an area of attack special, such as Elena or Justice, who get wrecked when they attack with their specials against perfect riposte.

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