Count to twenty before a mod/staff responds... (With a 354 count record with all mods only)

3 sneaking past the trip wire.

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I tried to get a four in

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Success… Now post 9985

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6 added quickly and only 14 to go

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Seven sneaks silently shushing somebody.
You know, Kaffy is just waiting, waiting… to pounce :thinking:.

Hey knows we h8 him sneaking around

Nine bounds in, just one more time.

Ten to take us to the home stretch

Cautiously eleven sneaks in to play.

Twelve comes in and wondering who’s lurking in the shadows

Thirteen an unlucky number for some…
I’m out of likes :sob:.

Fourteen, we’re almost done with this one

15 - the new thread we’ve had multiple wins already :partying_face:.

I had to get in towards the end.

Let’s go seventeen


Eighteen if I’m skip counting ahead.

19 real quick 20 characters

Seems like no better way to end this thread than with a


image ,

And my favorite,


See you soon here:


This topic was automatically closed after reaching the maximum limit of 10000 replies.

And back to zero now please and thanks.


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