Count my gnome

Lol…no didn’t think of it…but if it ever happens again I will jump straight into a portal!


Another VF event for me, no flasks used, some of the WE went for trials and shrikewood, never let it get to max. I did some 3 we stages too, but mostly map progress on hard enough for bit over a pull.

I managed to get to 5 in the wee hours of this morning as I cleared my energy before bedtime. 2 gnomes in one run, brought my 3 to 5.

No flasks used except to clear essential quests.

19 from 6 flasks mostly ran 9.8, some on 10.10 and 55 coins total.
So mad when i see 15 meteors w00t.

Not sure it’s worth flasking here.

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No spend no gnomes…

Lost interest in them because they give many times useless crap…
In AR at least you (may) get enough coins for 2 summons
Here you get alot of useless items (ex. Iron? Wtf… I already don’t know what to do with it) and sometimes summon coins

But… how can one count an object which is not there? :thinking:

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No flasks
9 gnomes
10 coins

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