Count my gnome


About 15 flask and every energy thrown in, doing 3 energy/stage and this is what I manage to get.

How did you guys do?

Farmed avatar in P33. Normal. About 8 flasks, maybe 9. Definitely <10 flasks.

33 gnomes. Better than last round.

The hell

Where the f is my gnome!

4 gnomes in 3 days… and only one of them had coins… At least I got loads of orichalcum, will make more tornadoes.


3 here, but without flasking. It just gave me a crate of iron and a couple of emblems so doesn’t seem worth it.

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Need to farm higher WE stages. $GG doesn’t like us to farm on the “cheap”.

I still have avatars to do in S3-4. Once I am done, I will be like you farming 3WE stages.

I only had 3 myself, though I did divert WE to the PoV dailies, Farmholme, the emblem quest…

those gnomes sure are good at hiding though!

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I managed a grand total of… zilch. Zero. Naught. Nothing. :laughing:

I found less than 20 netting around 30 coins not too bad. But still annoying.

I was also about 15 flasks in, seems I had much better luck in my hunt

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Got a gnome, it gave me 50k food and I gave up. Started farming another season.

Over 3 days of Valhalla Forever:

  • Did only 1.1 through out the 3 days @ 3 WE.
  • Used 6 additional flasks
  • Gnomes = 17/45 (Missed taking a pic)
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Seems like SGG screwed me over some gnome!

I had exceptional luck in 36/7 unfortunately I didn’t pay attention the first few levels of play, but when you look up and it’s 3 gnomes, you notice…lol


Total 5 gnomes! In one stage. Congrats!

My best is 3 so far.


I think I 've used 2 flasks. The rest came from the natural world energy.

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Only got 4 gnomes, and got a ton of bones

My gno’mercy campaiin was no match for the “”pay to win” wars of 2022. Deeply Dawna’d at the portal.

5 gnomes in one level?! That must be like…the equivalent of eg. pulling Anne from CF1 lol
Did you do a pull immediately after that to confirm your luck? Lol

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