Council of Yeen is now recruiting!

Come join a dedicated group of people and enjoy the kinship of storytelling
And playful role play .
We are open to all levels and support your growth to help us grow.
Chat is always friendly and cooperative. Their is no shaming here.
As expected in every alliance,
Hit the Titan,
We coordinate our wars when possible but are not strict on what you can or cannot do. We simply provide suggestions and tactical information that is helpful to your decision making.
No one gets booted arbitrarily and if you need time away… no worries…
Let the leadership know so the lines of communication are left open.
We are on discord so there is always a way to stay informed or to have your say politely and respectfully.
Come and check us out!
Terrible Tony is our leader… but he’s a super nice guy!!!

I did tag you to leave discord link somewhere few hours after your post on my topic, you haven’t responded, and I couldn’t find it on my own, not even ingame. So maybe ensure that other people can reach you. :wink:

I found one team where I could be of some help, yes.


Actually I did respond. I have the email reply to prove it. I don’t understand why it never made it to you. That I can not control. But I can control my reaction to your insinuation.


E&P help my brother Kilo get his password back.

I think you misunderstood me - my post was reminder that your discord is still not visible anywhere, so it’s impossible for anyone to reach you, not just me. Ok, you now said that you replied and I never saw the link, plus I still don’t see your link anywhere on the forum, not as replies to me, nor as replies to other people. But maybe you’re deleting posts after some time or something…

Thanks for following up… your posts go directly to my mail which is great, not sure why I’m having issues. To clarify, you are correct about not seeing a discord post. My thinking was/is, a guest would come join the alliance first and then we would give a day pass to Discord. Just a precaution I guess.
I apologize for my miscommunication.

I see… Hm, yeah, I talk first then I join for probation, that’s why I totally ignore alliances without ‘how to reach me’ info outside of the game.

You know, titan chest reset, coordination with titan/war and so for people who are somewhere already, why do it just for the sake of talking? (That is my ‘why I talk first’) I mean, ok, when that’s only way and you’re curious enough, however, since you’re here, and advertising discord, I thought that I was blind and couldn’t find the link :smiley:

Maybe put that clarification in your first post so people will know how exactly to approach you?

Also, in case you didn’t know and want to go ‘link in public’ route, you can have link that is valid just for few times, and you can have autokick people without roles, or just have some basic channel for guests until you find out who they are, and there’s also an option to accept only people who have verified email and some time restrictions, if you don’t want to risk some bots/spam. I think it’s normal to have different levels of access for guests and members.

Btw, I put my discord link out there, and had in total 1 joining, from the person who sad in general chat that they wanted to talk with me. So… I would say that if you fear of overload/spam, you don’t have to :wink:

Hello, RedPython, I see you’ve met Jerimius! He’s our Hammer!
Hope you are well and would like to encourage you to come over and give us a try… I understand the whole reset Titan thing now, so respectfully, if you are interested I will send you a Discord link to discuss all your concerns. As a follow up to our war strategy… wouldn’t want to give away any trade secrets here in the forum…lol… but be assured, we have a system for identifying and attacking on the battlefield. We also have fun with close wins and losses… either way, the comeraderi and support never waivers as we role play to barrels of ale.

Link will expire in one day… but can be reset if needed… be well.

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