Could you help me?


I go to level 22, out of ignorance I started to play without bases and being self taught as many people here, until I came to an excellent alliance, where they taught me many strategies, but, unfortunately, I already had advantage in building construction, a few more and others less, ignoring that in time it would come to stagnate me, and it has been so. I already realized that I’ll not be able to continue playing for lack of spaces to create an iron store and the game forces me to build something that I DON’T NEED! Also, we can’t erase the buildings!!! By following the game I have become disillusioned with many things, in general.
I’m not saying that my case is constant, but I’m pretty sure that a third of the people who play it have been in this trouble.
Another thing, I couldn’t erase the account and start over. What a disappoint! As much as I like this game and I’ll not be able to play it anymore, I’ll have to uninstall it from my device. I can’t find a solution. :cry:


I think every single case I’ve read of this has been someone converted an iron storage into a barracks.

Check your barracks, and if that’s the case, convert it back. Then convert one of those random buildings that you can create that you don’t need :smile: (a forge is typically best bet).


Thank you very much, but that isn’t my case. In fact, I converted a forge into a barrack, the only one I have.


There are two types of land that each permit you to build different items. If you can’t build what you want on the first type of land (pale), then try moving buildings around until you have the second type of land available (darker). You can tell the different types if you look up what can be built on each one BEFORE pressing the build button.

Keep in mind later on you can move buildings even if EVERY space is taken. :slightly_smiling_face:

Good luck!


Yup everyone builds the same buildings. It is impossible to do it wrong. Levelling buildings is where players make decisions


Morgana, How are you doing with this issue? Do you still require help, or did you figure it out?