Could you check my team and suggest what to change


I am pretty fresh to the game (have been playing for like 3 weeks) and wanted to ask you guys for some advice. I went through some older topics but I still haven`t got most of suggested heroes so I need to play with what I have got if you know what I mean :slight_smile:

And this is what I have got:

What would you suggest eventually? Which colour should I focus on and hunt for better hero? I think that my weak spot is Little John, he is pretty useless most of the time due to Slow mana, so I think to hunt for some other Green one now. Or maybe I should switch him with Friar Tuck eventually?

Thanks in advance for some advice.

Little John is better than tuck, you want to concentrate on getting 4s. He isn’t bad either, he has a very good attack stat and his mana debuff is good too. He is slow though and fragile, but you can work with him. So try to get a 4 red, purple and yellow. Kiril is a wonderful hero, you got lucky there.


Until you get more 4s, use your team and level them up. As John has slow mana, take him outta corner. I would put your team with tyrum kiril Gunnar LJ and Bane

You will want a 4* tank so I would recommend investing on red heroes as you only have hawkmoon and azar now… a Boldtusk would be a perfect fit for your team (and 99% of the players lol) so I would point you that way

Edit: try red elemental summons… you would be well served with Boldtusk, kelile, scarlet, or Gormek

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Welcome to the game!
Two quick advices:

  • You can feed heroes with same element fodders to have better chance to level up the special .
  • Even if you don’t plan to use 4 :star: heroes don’t feed them to others heroes.

The things you have to take into account are those:

  • How can I prevent my heroes to die?
  • How can I kill my foes?

The answers are: heal, attack bonus, defense bonus.
Just like the three ability score all heroes have.

Your Kiril will fit in almost every team: he is durable and his special heal and empower all the party.
The most common way to damage foes is matching tiles and tiles damage comes from their respective element’s heroes attack sum. If you have more heroes with the same color the damage will also increase. Increasing heroe’s attack sill impact tiles damage.

Beginners should focus first on empowering one hero for each element, you could start with:

  • Kiril
  • Little John
  • Azar
  • Bane
  • Tyrum

For summons you could try the elemental ones but I suggest you to keep your gems for event’s summons, like Knight of Avalon of Guardian of Teltoc, where many powerful heroes awaits.
If you would a element order to fish Id say:

  1. Red
    every > 4 :star: heroes is a upgrade of your actual heroes and you can kill Greens that treathens your Healer with them

  2. Yellow
    every > 4 :star: heroes is a upgrade of your actual heroes

  3. Purple
    every > 4 :star: heroes is a upgrade of your actual heroes

You already have a healer / attack buffer / defense buffer (and all in one!) so you should try to find a hero who decrease foe’s defense and Wu Kong. Wu Kong is the best.


Thanks for all the answers and your help Guys!

I know that the best option would be to have each colour hero in my team, but the problem is that to do this, I would have to remove one of my blue heroes when both Kiril and Gunnar are just freaking good. Kiril is my healer and Gunnar, thanks to 5 rounds damage split saved my team so many times that I can`t imagine playing witout him.

What do you mean by saing to save my coins for events? When does the next event starts then? I have got 300 coins now and I could buy Red today eventually or wait for Green one and replace LJ with either other green or new Red (assuming I would get some 4* Red).

The next event should start next thursday, knights of avalon. Summoning at that time gives a chance to pull some heroes that just appear during the event, in Avalon they are Arthur(blue) , Guinevere (holy),Lancelot (red)and Morgan le Fay ( green)

Does it cost 300 or I have got to have more?

Each summon costs 300 gems.

I honestly disagree. Sure, you will get a better hero ( and will be extremely lucky as I even with 20 pulls didn’t get any and you will have only one), but that’s not the point. You are beginning now, and should focus on structure, not on protagonists. Even imagining you get Guinevere (one of the best all heroes), you will take about 6 or 7 months to level her up! The materials, recruits, resources, etc needed are ultrageous on a beginner point of view.
I say again, forget about another green hero for now, I know people who love LJ, he doesn’t su*c at all… he just needs to evolve like the others.

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I tried Red today… another f… Azar, 3rd one in a row…

I feel bad for you, I hope you’ll have better luck next time :frowning:

Don’t discount Azar, She’s really good as a 3* with that fast mana and mana reducing power. Feed her the copies to level up her special (I think it’s a bit early for you to be worrying about your hero count for alliance Wars, so shouldn’t be any problem feeding the copies)

In my opinion she is completely useless due to weak survivability. Her low def/HP = she is usually dead before I can even use her. I put her instead of Gunnar and games that I was finishing without a scratch, I was barely able to win at all with her instead.

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