Could we have titan flasks available in store perminantly?

It would be nice to have titan flasks available in store perminantly. Sg would make money, the alliances can have a better chance at defeating the titans.

And make this game more p2w


This would just devalue the whole Titan system and make a mockery of the hard work needed to get better titans

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Agree with Checker and Allslost.

Basically you are asking to allow people to beat as many titans as they are willing to pay for. This will lead to a bigger gap between people willing to spend a lot and those who spend little to nothing. Both types of players are critical to making games like this work.


I’m just asking because my alliance got totally hyped up yesterday to kill the 6* titan. We managed it but the 7* titan showed up in less than an hour. All of us were spent up and thinking no way, this must be a joke. Kind of killed the hype. :joy: some of us had flasks others didn’t but they were willing to buy from the store, turns out they had some other offer on.:persevere:

I disagree…thats just too much P2W

No problem, just a suggestion. :blush: