Could the wait times be shortened a bit?

Almost three days for strong hold 15? Cheaper common and uncommon training takes 3 days to make 13 heros? Could we shorten these waits or at least make skipping them with my gems (that I pay ridiculous prices for) a bit cheaper?

The prices are ridiculous… I calculated and it would cost 400 dollars to speed up my 4 training camps. That even Sounds ilegal… They will loose their players if it stays this way… I’m already at 20 and there are no more mission after that . Only thing left to do is build stuff… so they should drop the price.

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Illegal? Seriously? Nobody is forcing you to pay anything at all. If a deal seems bad to you, you don’t need to take it just because it’s there.
There’s a reason this game has picked up the nickname Empires & Patience on the forums here - people expecting fast progression are probably playing the wrong game.

Its ok calm down…:100::heartbeat::heartbeat::heartbeat::heartbeat::heartbeat::heartbeat::heartbeat::heartbeat::heartbeat::heartbeat::heartbeat::heartbeat::heartbeat::heartbeat::heartbeat:

It’s not ok dear!!! Everything is so wrong with this game… it’s a tight spot from every direction you look at it

You should download Invasion Modern Empires, a game I used to play for 2 years.

Strongest researches (when I quit 2 years ago so must be more today) were 700 days. :wink:

Once you played this, you laugh at the building time here

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My God!!! It’s not normal i think. It must be proportional… if at level 2 you stay 1-2 minutes make time proportional for every leveling. At level 20 maybe 200 min…

Aha, most of the games requiers time to build/search anything cause it keeps players involved in the game.

Imagine if everyone could get buildings to 20 in a few weeks, there would be no objectives to reach anymore !

Ppl would get so bored & quit.

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Yep! I think it’s right but look at one aspect: you finish all levels of the game before fully ascend your heroes and buildings and whatever. After that why contiunue to ascend something??? Just for wars ??? Sucks… my point of view​:grin::grin::grin:

Because when you’re getting stronger heroes & troops, you always need more food so you’ll need to keep building storage & farms.

Because when yo’ure getting stronger, you’ll reach some harder lvl in events & quests, wich requiers you to up your forge.

Cause with time, building requiers more iron so you need to up your iron building & storage.

Finally, the stronger you are, the more of everything you need ! :stuck_out_tongue:

Patience padawan. This game is about patience. Maybe that’s why kitties are some of the top heros?!

Although my cats have no patience.

The wait time could be shortened alittle

Welcome to the Zynga take over. Specializing in taking a great game and making is :poop:.