Could someone please reach out to my Alliance?

Odd Request here but could someone please visit my current Alliance: Chain Reaction and ask them to kick me from it. Player Name Vernon

It seems I have forcefully removed myself from the game permanently :sob:

After 4 years of playing, I definitely am not starting from Scratch.

Thanks in advance


I’ll give it a try and let you know.

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I’m in and have told them.


Thank you Kindly.

Much appreciated


Hey Vernon, gutted mate, if you ever manage to sort it you’ll be more than welcome to come back. All the best bud


Thanks a mil Aireas. Was great fun.

So far the general consensus is that it is impossible to recover game account. Which really sucks.

Wish there was Something that Small Giant could do. One would think that our Base Details are saved somewhere???

I will definitely rejoin if I manage to get something sorted. :crossed_fingers:

Blessing in disguise honestly


Suppose so… But I would have preferred it on my own terms though lol


If you are using an Andriod device, you should have you data saved with your Google account is it not?

Not sure how Apple users work.

Mostly… Yes… That is how Android works. But The profile that was deleted was on the Google Play Games App.

Once you delete your profile there… She is gone lol… Just wish SG had some way to restore an account.

Starting again? Never in a million years

Did you contact SG and see if they could help?

Try contacting Google about it, they might have backup data and can probably restore your account.

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Sent a request now :smile: Crossing fingers

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Google says there is no way to retrieve it. Once the profile is deleted, it is not undoable.

Do you have your #123abc number
And proof of perches/receipt.
You maybe Albe to get your account back.

If ur alliance can kick u then thats mean ur account still available in SG database.

Ask SG to switch the account to ur new email

The hard part is providing evidence that the target account belongs to you. SG has a very strict policy regarding selling your account to a third party, so it’s doubtful they’ll do such a thing without solid proof.

I read someone in the past had the same problem, and manage to retrieve his account back by providing some evidence to SG

You’d have thought there would be a way of getting it back. Hopefully SG comes back with something useful :slightly_smiling_face:

Alliance mate lost his info for google. Took him multiple tries to get someone at sg to actually help him. Like 4 or 5 different people but using your purchase history and account ID they can change the email the account is associated to.

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