Could not revenge top 100 player

With the recent changes we are still supposed to be able to revenge top 100 players while they’re online, right? I could not do this today on Zero. Please advice.


Yes, you are still supposed to be able to revenge a top 100 player who is online. Did it happen just once or can you reproduce the issue? What about other top players - have you encountered the same problem?

We found one possible reason for this, and have now fixed it. Please let me know if you encounter this again.


It was only that time, altough I tried several times with the same result.

Thanks for looking into it and hopefully it’s fixed now. :slight_smile:

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I can’t revenge Chris. Is it because he didn’t updated yet?

@Rook Do I need to make a new topic?
I still can’t revenge this player in top 100.

Think you got it in one Julia regarding the update.

I finally updated (weird apple store did not refresh for me yesterday but whatever IOS) and now I can’t revenge anyone on my tower log and the idea that they’re all online is pretty far fetched in the strata I play in.

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Make a new topic and reference which version you’re playing when you do.

Thanks Rook. It’s solved. It was the update issue :blush:


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