Could it be?

I was just doing AW, and it counted my flags but it did not count my shots. Could it be that when more than one member of an alliance is attacking, that it does not allow both of you at the same time? This happened yesterday against Titan also. I can see where more than one member of our alliance was trying to get the last shot on the Titan, and also where members were just starting wore this morning. I am not pleased. Because I just use two flags, and never got to take a shot.

A bit confusing question you are making.
But you want to know if 2 or more people can attack the same target in war at simmultaniously?
If that is what you are asking than I can inform you that this is not possible. Only 1 person can attack an apponent at any given time in the war.

When attacking titans you can attack at the same time.


I have noticed if more than one member of our alliance is attacking anything, be it Titan or war, it is of course very difficult to get a shot in. During AW, it is imperative for every shot to count, and of course my best teams were first. Thank you for answering me. I guess we have to schedule when we’re going to do a board in AW? I see many people post connection issue but they real issue because there is no connection issue on my end, is that I just wasted my two best teams without ever being able to place a shot or play a board.

Multiple targets can be attacked at the same time. Each individual target can only be attacked by one person at a time, but 10 of you could attack 10 different targets at once if you wanted to.

In contrast, titans can be attacked by multiple people at the same time, even though there’s just one titan.

If you disconnect or crash during a war or titan hit, though, you will get a zero for that flag. I make sure to close background apps and go somewhere with a stable connection when doing war or titan hits.


SG acknowledged the issue of disconnection. They notified me.
Thanks to you and SG.

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