Could demography be a variable in the calculation %...!?!?

Ok, I need to cool down!! Also confess that I can’t pace with that! The whole thing is a lottery cause it was setted to be like this!! And I refer to SG devs!! Every single % could be changed!! E&P doesn’t evolved by itself, takin life and the full control of everything! It isn’t Skynet…!!! Not yet!!!
So or i should be seriously worried about my BAD LUCK…or should tryin to rationalize " the random "!!!
I’m level 34, it’s more than a year that I’m playing! I’m a month vip, and flash deals buyer as well as my big friend and alliance mate ( but freshly in the game )…and he’s able to makes true my secret dreams!!! I think to Marjanna, he pick her! I think to Joon, he pick him, and so on with Vivica, Domitia, Lianna…, many more and three HOTM!!!
By my side in one year i get Isarnia!! Not a single #@# BIG SNIPER!!! Wasted 3x10…and lots single summon!! What’s wrong with me? I mean i have the perception, the strange feeling, that the game is trying to compensate our teams in the way to full gift him 5 FAST SNIPERS and to me 3* and 4* LOW NOTHING!!! I don’t even calculate the AM spread between us…cause it would ridiculous! WHY?? Are months that I’m asking the same question and still haven’t an answer that isn’t just the bad luck! The only variable is our provenance!!
I’m from Roma ( btw sorry for my english )…, he’s from a very, very little town in Austria!
Roma is a huge metropoli and I’m quite sure I’m not the only one in town to play this game…:grin:!! We count like over 4 millions of citizens ( officially 2.8 )…, basically almost ⅓ of his entire country population! The doubt is…, DO WE ( whom live in big towns ) REALLY HAS THE SAME CHANCES TO PICK 5*…AS OTHER WHO LIVE  IN SMALL TOWNS??? Being the only one to play the game for thousands of Km², will positively increase the chances??
I’m the first to admit that it sounds like a fool one…but it’s the only actual difference between me and my alliance mate! Bad luck apart ofc!
Maybe some geo-demographical parameters are setted in the engine!! For example thousands people that play this game in L.A. …maybe have to try and try and try again for a 5* hero, while the lonely player of …idk, somewhere in Wyoming, has an easy way to them!!!
The only one who can change something are the devs! If they didn’t do it…, they wont it!
SG, btw, after a year of daily playing, wasted gems ( real money )  forgotten hopes and lost wishes…a couple of “TELESCOPES” would be very,very appreciated!!!

Sorry for your bad luck. I might suggest a small break to ease your tension

Yes, you do.

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