Could anyone help me with titan, Raid and defense team?

I dont wanna spend Heroes and recourses on a ■■■■■■ team, ive spended lots of hours lokking @ Hero charts and googled .but i Still not getting any closer to make some Good teams. Maybe some help and diskussion could get me a Little bit closer :+1::blush:

Boldtusk, Wu Kong and Grimm are basic Titan must haves. Boldtusk is also good for defense and Grimm is good for raid attacks. I’m not very experienced with the Atlantis heroes, wish I could help more.

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Leveling heroes is more xp effecient if you use same color feeders. So you might want to pick one for each color to begin with.

Agree with Boldtusk, Grimm and Wu are all very good. For green its Little John or Gadeirus, I probably would pick Gadeirus and for purple Proteus.

Leveling 5* needs a lot of ascension materials, so beginning with a few 4*s first would make your growth faster and more fun.

Okey Good to know👍 should i use wukong for raids to? Cause i have seen that joon has a high rating in the charts, And he is Also My best onehitknockout guy.

I need all help i Can get, so thank you for taking your time! :blush:

Yeah around lvl 20 someone told me that so now i only leveling Up One team, One by One., thats why i want some help so i lvl THE right Heroes. Shouldnt i use cyprian for THE defense team?

Okey, nice till now so i dont have a team i cant max out. Thanks for THE help :+1::blush:

Joon, Drake, and Wu are all good and all worth leveling up.

Do Wu first…a 4* is way easier to level up. (Less food, less feeder heroes, less ascension items, about half of each)

The 4* items you need for the fibal ascension of a 5* take a long time to get. You will have to pick one out of Drake or Joon, and it will be months before you can do the second one. Good need is that either one is excellent; there isn’t a bad choice between them.

So +1 on Wu, BT, Grimm.

I’m not familiar with Proteus yet, haven’t looked at the S2 heroes enough, but for purple, you won’t regret leveling up Sabina at all. I loved having two healers, and raiding, you will find a dispeller is incredibly helpful.

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Proteus, aka hel Jr, is great for raids.

That’s a very nice start to building a strong team. I would ask that you please watch your language on this board. They do seem to promote more a kid/family friendly vibe here.

That being said I agree with what everyone has stated. Work on a solid 4* rainbow team (or 2) before worrying about leveling any 5s as it will take a long time to get all the needed ascension items to finish them off and usually a 4 at 4/70 is a bit stronger than a 5* at 3/70. But dang, of all the 4*s I think you have the best healer in boldtusk, the best titan warrior in Wukong and the best offensive tank (raids/wars) in Proteus. Grimm is excellent as well. Not sure on Gadeirus, but Little John is fine. Those would be the 4 plus one of the greens I would focus on getting leveled and fully ascended first. Congrats on the fortunate early pulls on your heros. Took me over a year to get Wukong lol!

You issue you will face next is getting the ascension items to get everyone to their higher levels. There are many threads on this board that talk about that but I would say the best thing you can do, if you havent already, is find a friendly and helpful alliance to join and grow with. Not only will good alliance teach and help you out alot but titans are one of the best sources for unfarmable ascension items. Good luck!


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Traxzor do you have line? We have chat groups with alot of experience players that can help answer questions just like these. If your interested in an invite look me up on line app.
I.d. Philip 702

I agree with the answers given by @BarryWuzHere and @Ackbarbait. Focus on one 4* team first and try to get as many high level ascension materials as possible before starting with any 5*.

I would focus on titan attack first, because that helps your growth. Cups have only emotional value, doesn’t impact your progress, and a good titan team will be an ok defence for war in the beginning of the game. To the time your are nearly done with the first 4*s, you will also know your gaming style better and would be easier to choose which area (titan, offence, defence) to focus on.

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