Costumes... Whats the Point? Which is Better?

What is the reasoning that Gunnar’s costume is good (besides the costume bonus on stats)? He is like half of Wilbur. I personally don’t like giving the enemy team elemental link. I’d rather use Ulmer if I wanted to give the enemy defense down.

Ulmer is squishy - you breath on him, he dies. and he is slow. Gunner is tanky and average speed.

Gunnar is also slow speed. It’s true Ulmer is more squishy but I bet that will change once they give him a costume in the future

my bad, thought Gunnar was average.
anyway, 533 vs 359 pre-costume defense is huge difference.

I suppose it’s down to personal choice. But for me in costume the enemy defence buff is more valuable than allies defence buff … I look to defeat the opponents team faster …

Gunnar and Ulmer and a hero like Jahangir make MEGA damage.

Remember that a share hero like Gunnar multiplies attack too. 5 enemies, hit all strike, hit x 5. 4 enemies, x 4 etc. A share hero can with a defense down all hero litterally wipe an entire team. Thats why Wilbur is a favorite on 5* red mono stack teams.

Red mono, Bold Tusk, Elena, Wilbur, Elena, Falcon … bye bye if they all charge up.

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Threads moved to a (bigger) discussion of the costumes.

Note that the OP is just my personal opinion based on my assessments. Feel free to discuss tho in the comments :slight_smile:

It’s been a while since I delved into this subject… overall I think the costumes are cool, even though some of them look absolutely ridiculous IMO, and the costumed special skills aren’t always better than the original skillset…

However… even if you have no intention of ever using the costume itself, leveling up the costume will still boost that hero’s main stats… not to mention that the costume portal itself is a relatively easy source for free summons… and some of the costumes themselves don’t look half bad.

So, overall, I support it. But in all fairness…



Realize that while damage share on enemies does mean you hit them all, you also do so for less damage. The damage calc is complex, but for ease let’s say at the end you have a tile hitting for 100 damage. If it’s shared to 5 targets you do 20 points per. Shared to 4, then 25 per. And so on.

Costume Gunnar is still great… but if you run up against costume Hawkmoon then that HoT is going to exceed your tile damage in most cases.

Something to be aware of. Made it bloody hard to kill in one match I had, since I couldn’t land blue tiles on Hawkmoon.

Guunar works well with Nordi, where you can share damage on def down + ice defense down. Especially in the current rush attack tournament, I’m using them with Chick Jr. If the specials dont kill the other team another blue match will.

I’m curious about your opinion on cBoril. I am really not sure about it… you couldn’t dispel it with caedmon targeting the wing, but overall 60% is a bit low and not sure if riposting wings are really important. I don’t even have his costume, but a few others from my alliance.

But why you say Hawkmoons attack buff is better than normal BT? It’s lower than normal BT and equal to costume BT, but only lasts three rounds. (BT 4 rounds)

Got cIshtakk, cPrisca, and cRenfield. Not sure that any of them looks particularly good — Renfield’s power is good, but seems pretty unlikely that he’d live long enough to make it do anything. Prisca has three wet noodles instead of one. Ishtakk does way less damage, but applies a Defense Down, so might be useful, dunno…

To me he seems to be a solid , very solid pick .
I got him too and i will max him as soon as i finish other projects i ve started

Being a def down like grimm in green makes him a valuable hero for tournaments and events .
Well…at least for me.

Regarding prisca i dont like her and renfield i dont know, i will wait to see reviews of his costume

Thanks for putting this together, @Guvnor. Very helpful.

Not sure if this was mentioned or not but I think the Hawkmoon verdict has a slight mistake. Her attack buff is not better than normal Boldtusk. Sorry to be nitpicky!

Thanks again!


Top Thread Updated to include the May 2020 Costumes

I have also made some adjustments to some of my commentary

And finally, I have included a Google Sheets version of the Comparison so others can see it in a format OTHER than picture :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks for doing this Guvnor!

Just a question on Kiril and Titans. Would you then say it would still be better to bring normal Kiril AND Grimm than a costumed Kiril plus another good dmg dealer?

I finally got Grimm last week and was leveling him for my titan team. My dmg on red titans is really bad atm… Now however, I’m not sure if it’s worth it or not when I have C Kiril.

Grimm is one of the best damage dealers you can get!

I kept him and ditched Kiril a while back personally in favour of more attack stats & hence more Damage.

You can get the same attack buff as Kiril gives using a bear banner which are cheap and easy to make.


Could you either lock the hero name in the spreadsheet or duplicate it at the end?

Makes for easier reading of comments.

Yeah no dramas, done that now.

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awesome work, thanks for all the time and effort you put into this. Really useful resource!

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