Costumes... Whats the Point? Which is Better?

IV got Richard costumed +9 emblems. I prefer him than the regular. Much stronger sturdyer and better looking.

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Ok I have got (original) Richard +7 (paladin) and Richards costume at 4/63. I should have the costume on max this weekend. When the costume is maxed is it best to put +7 barbarian emblems on him too. These costumes are beginning to get costly lol

Can’t put barbarian emblems on him.

Costumes inherit the emblems from the base hero. They also inherit the PATHWAY taken on the base-hero emblems.

In summary:

  • Can only use Paladin emblems on Richard/costume
  • Costume inherits the emblem count of the base hero (+7 on normal richard = +7 on costume)
  • Costume inherits the pathway of emblems (i.e. if you went Left then Right with normal richard, the costume will inherit the same path (left then right))

More on Costumes & the interaction with Emblems in the FAQ under Q4

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Many thanks Guvnor, this is my first costume, and to be honest, I didn’t realise that the costume inherited the emblems from the original when it was a different class. Cheers

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Highly suggest having a read of the FAQs then :slight_smile:

Personally I love the costumes… Pretty much all of them have a good use, if for no other reason than the stat boost :slight_smile:


The Barbarian Richard is more attack oriented than the Paladin version but still has enough D to make a great tank. Much preferred IMHO.

didn’t get a chance to reply on your thread but have a read of this thread :slight_smile: go thru the benefits & my personal preference on which is better… costume or normal

Thanks @Guvnor
Much appreciated :slight_smile:

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Great breakdown of pros & cons.

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@Guvnor, I’m curious as to how much you took emblems into account in this analysis, particularly in your Verdict.

Let’s use Tiburtus as an example because I’m currently researching giving him emblems now that my Seshat is +18 (and done). I am leaning towards going all attack with him, either in costume or not. As a Ranger he can pick up 8 attack boosts. In Costume there are only 6 available to a Paladin. That 30 extra points of attack begin to look large to me, especially since my primary use for him would likely be against titans, where the superior turn duration would also matter.

Not saying I disagree with you for general use (e.g., costume version is clearly the superior defender and possibly better if you intend to Diamond Raid with him), just interested to hear a bit more about your thought process.

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Not a huge amount… There was some consideration but it really was only a factor if the new class was >>>> than the old one… OR if it was a close thing & the class then turned the tide…

I could add a section in about the classes but generally speaking for me:
Best: Fighter, Sorcerer, Rogue
Good: Monk, Cleric, Ranger, Druid, Paladin
Ok/ Meh: Wizard, Barbarian
Barbarian goes up somewhat in a heavy stack & can deal some hefty DoT… But only in a big stack.

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So since im New, which 3* Costume is worth and do i need now keep 1 3* regular and 1 costume one, its kinda confusing.

I got Moonhawk, Bane, Brienne and Tyrum.

Hawkmoon and Brienne are top costumes. With using of C. Rigard, C. Brienne, Wu, Melendor and Berden I was able to notch 50k titan damage in single match.

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The best 3 star heroes in costume are - Bane, Brienne, Hawkmoon and Gunnar. They can be used to best effect in costume.
The others depend on the situation at the time.
And no you can remove or replace the costume as and when you like. So you don’t need to keep duplicates if that not your thing.
But two Bane wouldn’t be a bad idea (both in costume)
Good luck

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Tyrum’s costume dispels, that’s very valuable in the 3* world.


There aren’t any worthless costumes at all except the candy witch.


Since no one really answered your question fully.

You need only 1 costume to dress many duplicates (if you choose to), of any hero you got the costume for.

What is nice is that you do get the costume with the hero as well when you do the summons.

When upgrading the hero, you would need much more resources and ascension items than the costume.

As many said, the costume sometimes has better skills but … you HAVE to upgrade the costume regardless, cause when you do have a full costume for the hero and the hero is also fully leveled up, you get bonusses added to the normal hero. Attack, defense, mana and health. These make the normal hero stronger as well.

So even if you dont like the costume skills, level it up.

Just adding the leveled costume to the hero might make it even worth doing duplicates, like bane. You can easily have more that 2, you just require 2 hero cards and level them seperately.

I have for example 2 Joons, just because his costume is awesome.


Thought he’s costume cleanse now instead of dispel.
Thats more valuable. Gil-ra is the only 3* off the top of my head that does that.
Unsure on S3 hero’s as not really looked into them as yet

Yes I should’ve worded it differently. It’s dispels status ailments (cleanse) rather than dispels buffs. Good catch!

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They Really should put cleanse instead of dispel blah blah, be easier for new players to understand the difference, the wording can get confusing for alot people anyways.

Level all the costumes you get @Bert don’t cost much and makes it better.

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