Costumes... Whats the Point? Which is Better?

Hero Costumes… Whats the Point?

Inspired by another thread where the OP was a little confused as to why the Bane Costume was even a thing… appearing to do less damage for only a small gain in blinding… HOWEVER, on proper examination & calculating the approximate expected damage from the special skills, it became apparent that the Costume Bane was actually much better than normal bane, even when Costume Bonus was factored in!

So, after being a little bit surprised myself by the outcome I decided to do the same thing with ALL the costumes. To compare not just make a cursory inspection of the Hero & Costume Cards but to look at the damage they deal!

Here is other inspiring thread - Bane Costume, Whats the Point?

Some Explanetory Notes


W/ CB = the hero with the full costume bonus applied. Full costume bonus is a permanent boost in the base stats. 5% for Attack, Defence & Mana Generation and a 10% boost in HP.

Costume xyz = Costumed version of the hero.

Guvs Verdict = my opinion on which of the options is better. Note that I am really only comparing the hero with the costume & costume bonus (as normal version is worse by default of not having the boosted stats). I give short explanation about my decision in the table but feel free to me to elaborate.

Avg Enemy Def = Defence Stat i used in the damage Calculation. This is the average of all heroes (currently in game) corresponding to that Rarity. 3* = 436, 4* = 648 & 5* = 724

Splash Damage = Heroes who deal “Minor to Nearby” I have represented as being ~50% damage to the nearby.

Red / Green colouring = Indicator of which is better or worse. Again, the non-costume bonus version of the hero has been excluded from this.

Damage per hit = damage from the special skill striking a single hero. Some of the heroes strike multiple enemies with their special skill which is factored into the “Total Damage”

Total Damage = total damage dealt to the enemies when accounting for the number of enemies struck

**Damage Calculation**

Use the method set out in this thread (linked below). In essence the formula is:
[Damage per hit] = 100 * * ( [Theta] * [Special Power] * [Attack Stat] / [Enemy Defence Stat] )^1.35

[Total Damage] = [Damage per hit] * [Targets]

Note: Theta is a RNG element in the calcualtion (hence why the same strike doesnt do the same damage every time). The Damage Calculation Thread (below) calculated it out to be between exp(-0.5) & exp(0.5). For these calculations I used 1.35 for simplicity.

Damage Calculation

Spreadsheet Version Of The Below

5* Hero & Costumes

(Click to enlarge)

4* Hero & Costumes

(click to enlarge)

3* Hero & Costumes

(Click to enlarge)

Supporting Sheet

I used this sheet to get the averages for the defence stats.


  • May 2020 → Updated to include the second release of costumes
  • Feb 2020 → Created comparing the first release of costumes, coinciding with the revamp of the costume chamber.

Slight correction to the 5* one (will update tomorrow).

Guvs Opinion on Elena should say “similar attack stats” not “higher”


Great job as always at putting it together and explaining in 3 charts the things that equal hundreds of posts under a thread.

Thank you @Guvnor you’ve changed my mind on gunnar costume


Thanks @Guvnor for this info…

Hmmm .it’s looking so apparent that Elena, Horghall '& Quintus are not so good beneficiaries of improvement expected from their costumes! Perhaps their w/CB versions are better.


Surely the attack debuff on Costume Quintus is worth it?


It will worth it when he eventually fires…and possibly not dead prior…

Attack isn’t everything. I was stupid enough to not bring an attack buffer or cleanser against Costumed Horghall and since the board wasn’t stellar and he fired I was practically dead after that. My heroes did almost no damage at all after that.

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Huge thanks for putting it all together - much appreciated :thumbsup: - and my alliance thanks you too :wink:.

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Hehe I did say that the costume is the better of the two… Just that neither are really overly good :stuck_out_tongue:

Excellent analysis Guvnor, it was my original post about Bane and the point of the costume, so I have learnt loads on thd subject of costumes…

One small point I just need to clarify… in the table what does the ‘w/CB’ refer to?



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It means “with costume bonus” i.e. the boost the original hero gets once the costume is leveled. You can see what it is by clicking on the mask as per image


Ahhh- obviously! Cheers EngOran


Does the costume bonus apply even if the costume is not equipped?

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20 characters. bleh!


@Guvnor This is a pure gold mine! Thank you!

Seriously, SG should give you 100 costume keys for putting together such an amazing document.


This is really good data. I run with Richard +7 as a tank in my war defence team. My alliance uses blue. So given that I also have his costume, I will get it to max ASAP and use Richard with Costume as the tank in stead

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As explained by @EngOran. I also listed this in my “definitions” section of the OP :stuck_out_tongue:

As @Robin_the_Brave said, the Costume bonus applies always. If you read the tool-tip of the Costume Bonus it says it “Permanently increases the stats of the hero AND their costume”

@JGE, @lightsmessenger, @Ebonest, @Montyville, @Sarah2 and @Oliz, you are more than welcome :slight_smile:


i am amazed at how you could wait


I know, but I had started on levelling Jean-Francois and thought, no, get him sorted first. Now I have moved to maxing Richards costume … so many things to do

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I am not sure if I’d use barbarian Richard over paladin Richard on defense. If Richard is the tank, he surely benefits more from the paladin talents.