Costumes that i dont want – make it so Costumes can be deleted / last copy can be eaten

Can you make it so you can delete the costumes if you don’t want them! I have seen the new heroes and they are just not wanted. They was i wage my battles would have to be altered to much. Boril and Cyprian would run wild over my teams instead of Elena or Colen. I have duplicate heroes that would be affected by the costume,since i don’t seem to get new ones often, Dawa!

first off - welcome to the community!

Secondly, why would you want to delete them?

If you don’t like the costume just don’t use it… tho I can’t see a reason why you wouldn’t at least level the costume up for the Stat Boost that you get… (5% attack, 5% defence, 10% health & 5% mana at max).


Use the costume as a feeder, for the XP boost, then it is gone, no need to delete.
Or am I missing something here?


I can only see costumes as a good thing? I didn’t pull this time but if I got a bane or hawkmoon costume I’d max it at some point I wouldn’t max another bane or hawkmoon as I can just switch between the two.
Some other costumes like rigard is def worth maxing another rigard or two and a costume :+1:


You can’t use a last copy of a Costume as a feeder, so technically you’re stuck with one copy of every Costume you ever get.

But they also don’t take any space or have any storage limits, so that doesn’t really matter.



Granted, you are right about the last costume.
I was merely referring to duplicate costumes, which can be used as feeders.
They can be considered along the same lines as troops in the barracks.
Unlimited storage, can be used as needed/wanted.
I was just attempting to clarify.

Guess I didnt do a good job of it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Was there not another thread a few weeks ago about this same topic? I don’t see anything when I search.

Why are we being forced to keep a costume? If it is not needed or wanted, unlock them so we can use them as food. After all we earned them so we should decide their best application.

Let’s face it, most of the costumes are not that great and the best thing about them is their ability to gain maximum leveling for the good costumes.

Unlock the single costumes.

I have no use for Prisca. She’s like a slightly weaker version of Renfeld. Every time I’ve gotten her she’s in the queue for upgrade fodder. Got her again, this time on the last costume event.

Now I’m stuck with a useless costume for a hero I will never keep in my roster. I’d like to use it to upgrade another costume.

Is there any update on this topic about being able to use last costume!?

There are some 3 star heroes which I have decided are not worth keeping in my roster so I have used them as feeders, why do I have to keep their costumes, why can’t I feed them as well?

You can use them as feeders but only to ascend the costumes.


I don’t believe it lets you feed the last copy of a costume. Only if you already have duplicates of that costume.

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Yes. There must be one as minimum.

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I think the OP is actually wanting to get rid of the last copy too…

Which I too would like to get rid of …
THey could “lock” a copy of used costumes but allow us to use as feeders the costumes at 1.1

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Oh. Then I misunderstood.:dizzy_face:

You are correct it’s the last copy I want to feed, of costumes for which I no longer have the hero.

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This isn’t possible. But they take up zero roster space, so you’ve nothing to lose.

And it’s available if you ever decide to use them in the future.

Sometimes a hero we discount becomes useful to counter a new threat :slightly_smiling_face:


Just think of them as avatars that you never intend on using.

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