Costumes matching current hero's level + talents

I’m not interested in leveling a costume if I already have a high level hero of that costume. I’d only be interested in leveling up a new costume if it’s a 4* or 5* that I don’t already have that’d I want on my team.

Can this be updated so that costumes match our current hero’s power level and talents? I think more people would use costumes if this were an option. I know I would!

Don’t fully understand what you’re saying/asking but when you max the costume, the base hero gets a bonus in stats (+5% attack/def/mana gen and +10% hp). I believe the maxed costume will have the same number of emblems on it that the base hero has.

@B1gHeadAss for example my Boldtusk is max level with talents and his costume is not. I’d like the costume to match my hero’s level automatically without me having to level it

Costume’s level much faster than regular heroes, especially when you feed it other costumes. It’s honestly pretty easy to max a costume and takes minimum feeders compared to leveling a hero. Once maxed your Costume Boldtusk will have +6

This is so ancient lol. Leveling a costume also gives your original hero a bonus, that’s the perk of leveling the costume

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